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Belek Quad Bike Safari

Belek Quad Bike Safari is a great tour. You will not get tired during Belek Quad safari. On the contrary, it will bring joy and leave behind a lasting impression. But for making the trip easy, Get with your comfortable clothes and shoes, also bring Sun cream and glasses. We guarantee that you will remember this trip for a long time.

ATV safari in Belek

Belek Quad Bike Safari is a dynamic ride on fast ATVs that are designed to ride the narrow Turkish trails.

Payment after boarding the bus
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Program plan and details

Belek Quad Bike Safari is an interesting tour that has recently been popular with tourists from all over the world. Indeed In this city exists hotels whit the best coast which you can rest there. But if you want to diversify your presence in Turkey, add brightness and extraordinariness - a quad bike safari tour in Belek is a very special program. Vacationers with children can also go on this journey. It is absolutely safe and will be interesting for travelers of all ages. The cost of the trip is insignificant. Order at a cheap price and save your place during the holiday.

Program of Belek Quad Bike Safari:

During Belek Quad Bike Safari, you will visit the Taurus mountains for about 4 hours. During this period, you will be able to drive about 20km, see the amazing landscapes and vegetation of this area. The route is convenient for movement. In the quad bike safari trip in Belek, You do not need to have the right or have the skill to handle this vehicle. even if you have no desire to cope with transport yourself, do not give up an exciting adventure. Next to you throughout the time will be a professional instructor. Therefore, you can participate in the tour as a passenger. In the event that you are traveling with a child under the age of 16, he will be with you on the same ATV.

During Belek Quad Bike Safari, you have free time for swimming in a freshwater river. On this river, we have another day Belek rafting trip to

Anyone wishing to get a quad bike safari excursion in Belek, it will have the opportunity not only to contemplate the beauty of the surrounding world but also to arrange a photo session during the halt. So do not forget to take a camera with you.

The quadro safari from Serica

The quadro safari from Serica-Belek is the love of all active tourists. Speed, drive, emotions and amazing scenery. ATVs have a high passability, so the route passes on a rocky, winding road, which even more entails holidaymakers. An experienced instructor monitors security, conducts briefings and shows interesting corners of Turkey.

On quad bikes from Bogazkent

On quad bikes from Bogazkent - Belek - to admire the rural, mountain or coastal landscapes you can, riding an easy in the management of a quad bike. Extreme trip will cheer from everyday life, will charge positive energy, natural Turkish beauty will please the eye, mountain crevices and rolls through small rivulets will experience on the fortress with exciting emotions.

The quad safari tour from Kadriye

The quad safari tour from Kadriye to Belek is a real active form of recreation. The uniqueness lies in the fact that you can ride a four-wheeled motorcycle on the road. Fresh mountain air, beautiful views from the observation decks and a little adrenaline will make your day unforgettable. Do not deny yourself such positive emotions.

Belek Quad Bike Safari price list

How Many Age Range Price
1 person  Adult 35€
1 person  Passenger 10€

Belek Quad Bike Safari Benefits

Belek Quad Bike Safari is a great tour. With our company Belek Tours, the duration of being on the track is approximately two hours. During this time, you will get a lot of impressions, feel a crazy adrenaline rush. Convenient transfer from each hotel and accompaniment of a Russian-speaking instructor.

Belek Quad Bike Safari Tour Details

Tour daysEveryday
Tour hours 09:00 — 18:00
Includestransfer, insurance, quad renting, equipment, English-speaking guide
Excludesdrinks, photo and video
Recommendedsunglasses, comfortable shoes and clothes

Belek Quad Bike Safari Tour content

  • time of each session of a quad safari in Belek - 3 hours (including transfer);
  • Belek Quad Bike Safari begins with a transfer of tourists from hotels on comfortable buses;
  • arrival in starting point of the tour - at the base in the mountains;
  • briefing before the start of safari and the issuance equipment - 20 min;
  • test-drive on ATVs with control of instructors - 15 min;
  • start of the journey along mountain roads, forest and beautiful landsckapes (total route - 20 km);
  • rest stop near a mountain river (15-20 min);
  • second part of route of the tour on ATVs along the mountain roads;
  • total time driving an quad - 1,5 hours; way back to the base and transfer of tourists in the hotel on comfortable buses.


  • Minimal age of ATV drivers - 17 years;
  • Tourists in a state of alcoholic intoxication, pregnant women are not allowed to participate of tour;
  • Prohibited by insurance to take mobile phones and other electronic devices on the route.

  • Belek Quad Bike Safari involves visiting such picturesque places as the landscapes of the Taurus Mountains and the Turkish countryside. The group moves as part of an organized column, and its route runs along the most beautiful sights of nature, so it is not possible to choose the path on your own.

  • Belek Quad Bike Safari will be very dynamic and extreme, so the clothes of our travelers should not contain fabric that can catch on, nor should it hinder movement on the tour. It is advisable to put on light sneakers on your feet, which will definitely not get lost along the way. The head should be protected from the sun with a hat. You must take a bottle of water with you.

  • Belek Quad Bike Safari can be visited by children from 6 years old as passengers, however, teenagers under 16 years old can only ride a vehicle in the back seat with their parents. From the age of 16, a tourist can independently drive an ATV even without a driver's license.

  • Belek Quad Bike Safari prohibits children under 5 years of age and pregnant women from visiting the tour for a long time. With caution, people with chronic diseases of the respiratory, heart and nervous systems, as well as those with disabilities are allowed to the tour.