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Rent Yacht in Belek

Rent Yacht in Belek is a great trip. We have a variety of yachts with different sizes, you can enjoy modern music, fishing, visiting beaches, lunch, and soft drinks, swimming with an amazing sunbathe, And the memories you record will always remain in your mind - Book now and pay when you join the trip.

Rent Yacht in Belek is an individual tour just for you and your company, which takes into account all the wishes of the client and makes your vacation truly unforgettable!

Payment after boarding the bus
Enter the data in the application form and we will send you detailed information as soon as possible.

Program plan and details

Rent Yacht in Belek is one of the best tours to escape the hustle and bustle. Turkey with the most beautiful beaches in their heart from the north to the Black Sea and the west to the Aegean sea and in the South has the most beautiful sea that is called the Mediterranean sea. Therefore, all tourists traveling to Turkey will choose the Coastal towns to spend their holidays. One of the coastal cities in Turkey, which is the That includes many tourists annually, is the beautiful Belek city. this city is located 30 kilometers east of Antalya and has become a premier tourist area since 1984 due to its unique beauty and collaboration with the Turkish Tourism Organization.

In this beautiful paradise, There are 32, 4 and 5 stars, hotels and all facilities that are considered for families and tourists are all classy.belek from the north to the Taurus mountains and in the south end to the Mediterranean Sea. this town is also a rare place where the giant turtles spawn and the living place of a rare Alba owl.

Rent Yacht in Belek program:

The tourist who comes to Belek can reserve all their excursions from the official our website and pay it when they join the tour. Therefore, all the tourists that come to this dream City 100% they will choose a trip on the sea, some tourists want to have private time with their friends or family in the waters of the Mediterranean that we offer them to Rent a boat in Belek.

These boats are designed so that you can have the best surprises, for example, you can get your wedding anniversary or a birthday celebration here. And we design the boat based on your tastes so that you can make a surprise to the person you're looking for, it's just enough to contact our managers and put them in the process of all your apps and details so that we can get the best and most luxury app for You. The requests for Rent private boat in Belek are too much so that we suggest that you book an ideal boat before you begin your vacation and this is only enough to fill the booking form on our website and our experts will get back you within 10 minutes.

For those who want to spend with a group, we offer them a Pirate boat tour in Belek so they can enjoy an excursion with pirates on a huge ship.

Rent Yacht in Belek program:

At first, a luxury and comfortable car will come to you and transfer you to the central part of the Belek city. Don't worry about your number because we have a variety of cars with different capacities. Then, after boarding the boat, your program begins with a trip to the Phaselis region, the city ruins two thousand years ago at the time of the Romans, the city of Phaselis one of the centers of the production and export of rose oil and its aroma, also exported wood and timber pieces Are.

Today, three bays and Aqueducts in the city of pine trees and scented flowers are all indicative of the boom of life and trade in the past. Here you will have free time to swim and relax in the warm Mediterranean waters. You can take your best keepsake photos in this area, then the boat will be at your disposal for 4 hours and at this time you can swim in the water, make fishing, take a sunbath and enjoy modern music on the charter since Hire Yacht is held 3 times if you choose morning and afternoon shifts, you can swim in the warm waters and sunbathe and enjoy the enjoyable warmth, and if you select the sunset, you can enjoy the beautiful sun sunset and record the romantic moments of yourself, during the trip you can use unlimited non-alcoholic drinks and if you are interested you can get your companion alcohol You have. Lie on the boat and rinse your skin with warm sunshine from the sea breeze and clear weather. During the captain's app, You will be welcomed with a delicious lunch, and you'll get a taste of food cravings among the blue waters.

Rent Yacht in Belek A special program:

 For those wishing to hold their own celebrations and ceremonies, we will be able to send you all programs and photos and videos after contacting our managers. The price of all our boats is cost-effective and the quality of this will prove to you. For special ceremonies, you only need to give us the type of application and the date which you want to celebrate, and we will provide you with the best pricing options. For example, a large and luxury boat decorated with colored balloons and beautiful novels, and there are several crews to welcome your guests with special meals and drinks, and the best champagne with modern music in the heart of the Mediterranean sea in this type of Ceremonies best Film box There is also a vector that works with Helishots and professional cameras that record's all your memories, also at night, a firework will also be for you.

For more information please contact our managers and get more details about This Tour(Private Boat).

Renting a yacht in Bogazkent

Renting a yacht in Bogazkent - Belek - is guaranteed a quality, comfortable holiday, with swimming and diving in the picturesque bays of the Mediterranean Sea along the coast of Belek, polite and trained staff, a magical sunset, with walks through inaccessible caves and a delicious dinner. In this journey will not be bored, the organization of leisure we take on.

Individual yacht in Kadriye

Individual yacht in Kadriye - Belek - is a great excursion for the whole family and for those who want to be alone with nature! Swimming in the open, clean sea, walking along the Mediterranean coast, beautiful scenic spots and an unforgettable evening sunset! The amazing ancient city of Fazelis, caves, rocks, small islands and views of the majestic Mount Tahtala!

A yacht tour in Serik

A yacht tour in Serik - Belek - what could be better than having a great time with your family or friends in the fresh air in the middle of the ocean? Renting a yacht in Belek will be a great option for a holiday. Guests can enjoy the beautiful views of Turkish nature, fly in the warm and clear waters of the Mediterranean And just have a good time.

Rent Yacht in Belek price list

How Many Age Range Price
1 person  Adult 77€
1 person  Children (7-12) 77€
1 person  Infants (0-6) 1€

Rent Yacht in Belek Benefits

Rent Yacht in Belek is a large selection of modern ships of any capacity - from 2 to 50 people or more. Favorable prices and an individual approach to each client. Help in organizing important holidays and family events, themed board decoration for free.

Rent Yacht in Belek Tour Details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 07:00 — 22:00
Includestransfer, insurance, 4 hours yacht rent, lunch, soft drinks
Recommendedswimsuit, towels, sunglasses, sun creams, get this trip on the first days of your holiday so you will discover some attractions, for celebrating a birthday or wedding contact us before so we will design the boat as you want.

Rent Yacht in Belek Tour content

Due to the variety of boats and prices, for Rent Yacht in Belek please contact us in WhatsApp or Viber to get more information and photo of boat.

  • Free transfer from the hotel
  • Arriving at Belek or Kemer central port
  • Boarding to a luxury yacht that you chose before
  • Head to the Mediterranean sea and visiting the attractions
  • Time for swimming
  • Enjoying the sunbathing on the yacht 
  • Feeling the relaxation of the sea with a modern music
  • A grill tasty lunch with unlimited soft drinks
  • Returning to the port 
  • Transfer back to the hotel

  • Rent Yacht in Belek assumes an initial price for such a tour from $ 90 per person on a yacht, where there are usually five or more people. The cost is indicated approximately and depends on many factors: the date of departure, the location of the hotel, the chosen yacht, etc. The manager in a personal conversation will be able to tell about the actual cost directly for each tourist.

  • Rent Yacht in Belek will help travelers explore all the interesting coastal locations, which include ancient cities near the seashore, as well as local popular beaches, after which they can go straight to the open sea to fully enjoy the azure waters and dynamic fishing.

  • Rent Yacht in Belek invites visitors at any time of the year, but traditionally the most successful months for sea tours are May, June and September-October or the so-called “velvet season”, when the air temperature does not rise above +27 and is very comfortable for such trips.

  • Rent Yacht in Belek has some limitations in terms of the number of people on board, but this directly depends on the size of the trip and the purpose of the trip. You can pick up the most spacious yacht, which can accommodate up to 80 people at a time.

  • Rent Yacht in Belek offers small and large boats that can usually accommodate 1 to 80 people. Managers will be able to choose the most suitable and convenient option, taking into account all the requirements and wishes of the client.