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Belek Scuba Diving

Belek Scuba Diving is a tour for lovers of diving will definitely enjoy the Belek diving tour. We invite you to discover the under water world of the mediterranean sea.this trip includes a English diver coach and renting the dive equipments to you.

Belek Scuba Diving is the most intense and exciting tour of all, which will give you a chance to see the underwater world!

Payment after boarding the bus
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Program plan and details

Belek Scuba Diving needs a great place for diving and, you can find these places in Kemer, it continues you can see its surroundings, caves, located near the coastline.

Scuba Diving in Belek has a rather low cost and is suitable for both beginners and experienced divers. You can buy a voucher right at your hotel. The distance from Belek to Kemer, which is only 88 kilometers, you almost never notice. A comfortable bus will quickly take you to the port of Kemer Marina, from where you will go to conquer the water element.

We have prepared various tours for the lovers of excitement and water games, for example, we offer you a Belek water park(Aqualand) tour.

You are waited by the warm transparent sea with a clean sandy bottom and surprisingly rich underwater world

Seasonality in the case of this excursion is absent, but the ideal option would be to engage in diving between May and September. At this time, the water is very warm. Its temperature on the surface is 21 - 28 degrees, and at a depth slightly lower, about five degrees.

Belek Diving Center's

In the Belek scuba Diving center, you will be accompanied by a professional diver's, so unforeseen situations are completely excluded. Initially, you will move to the bay Kirish-Aquarium.

This amazing place is quiet and peaceful. From all sides, it is protected from gusts of wind and strong waves. And the depth does not exceed 3 - 6 meters. That is perfect for people with no experience. At the bottom of the sea, you are waiting for amazing acquaintances with the inhabitants of the underwater world.

The second destination in Scuba Diving tour from Belek is Kiris Bay Cave. Here are some places, the depth reaches 18 meters, and this is suitable for professionals. Since there are caves here, quite small but half-flooded, you have a chance to get acquainted with their inhabitants - barracudas, stone-fish, and moray eels.

Book a Belek scuba diving with the lowest price and a rich program on our website. And our company will make the best plan for you.

Diving Bogazkent

Diving Bogazkent - Belek - the perfect solution for those who decided to conquer the underwater world. In the Mediterranean Sea are not found predators, there are no strong currents and depth variations, while the flora and fauna is quite interesting and diverse. A team of experienced instructors will familiarize themselves with safety equipment, give equipment and will be near you during the dive.

Scuba diving from Kadriye

Scuba diving from Kadriye - Belek - go with us to two cozy bays: Kirish Aquarium and Kirish Cave, where you will dive 6 and 18 meters! Anyone can do diving with us. Experienced instructors will show the most interesting places, small caves, introduce to various inhabitants of the underwater world and take a photo as a keepsake.

Diving (underwater swimming) from Serik

Diving (underwater swimming) from Serik - Belek - Turkey is beautiful not only on land, but also under water. The diverse nature of the seabed, bright fish, huge turtles, rays and even dolphins, will meet on your way. Thanks to experienced instructors to become a diver can almost anyone, they will help to pick up equipment and choose the best place to dive.

Belek Scuba Diving price list

How Many Age Range Price
1 person  Adult 25€
1 person  Passenger 20€

Belek Scuba Diving Benefits

Belek Scuba Diving is an excursion at a diving school with professional divers. To help in unforeseen situations, the yacht has medical assistance personnel. All diving equipment is included in the tour price

Belek Scuba Diving Tour Details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:00 — 16:00
Includestransfer, insurance, english-speaking instructor, equipments and lunch
Excludesdrinks, photo and video
Recommendedswimsuit and towels, sun protection cream, sun glasses, for professional divers - international certificate

Belek Scuba Diving Tour content

  • diving in Belek start from a transfer from Belek hotels on a comfortable bus;
  • arrival of participants in the port of Kemer-Marina and boarding a professional yacht;
  • stop at the famous Kirish Aquarium Bay, which is famous for its rich underwater world;
  • instruction from English-speaking divers, receiving of costumes and equipment;
  • the first part of scuba diving with personal instructor in the Kirish-Aquarium Bay - 15-20 minutes;
  • rest on the yacht, swimming, lunch with national Turkish dishes on the boat;
  • swimming with a mask, fins and snorkel (snorkeling) - optional;
  • the second part of scuba diving with personal instructor in the bay of Kirish cave - 15-20 minutes;
  • return to the port of Kemer-Marina;
  • transfer back to hotels in the region.

  • Scuba Diving in Belek traditionally takes place in the bays of Kemer, as this region has the best conditions for both beginners and advanced divers. The distance between Kemer and Belek is only 85 kilometers, so you can easily reach your destination in an hour. The most popular location for beginners is the Kirish Aquarium Bay, which is protected from winds and cold currents by massive rocks from all sides and has clear water. For advanced divers, there is an excellent bay with the sunken ship "Pati", where you can explore the underwater world for a long time and even try to find treasures in the rooms of an old ship.

  • Belek Scuba Diving suggests that a person of any age can learn the art of diving, but it should be noted that only people over 10 years old are allowed to dive directly in the open sea. There are practically no weight restrictions, however, if the diving body weight is more than 120 kg, it is better to discuss this with the instructor in advance.

  • Scuba Diving from Belek is allowed for people of any size, but pregnant women and children under 10 years old are not allowed to make such a trip. The mass of water can exert increased pressure on the vessels and lead to undesirable consequences.

  • Scuba Diving in Belek begins with a set of rules that everyone from beginners to pros should know. First of all, it is worth noting that you should breathe under water according to the "inhale-pause-exhale-inhale-pause-exhale" rule. It is also worth focusing on the fact that you need to breathe slowly, deeply and relaxed, in no case should you panic under water. During the dive, the body should be completely relaxed and pliable to the currents of water. Hands should not be involved in the dive, they should be completely relaxed and rest on the chest.