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Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey

Sea fishing in Belek is an interesting journey into the open sea. This is an opportunity to get an unusual experience and leave in memory good memories of the beautiful time in Turkey.

Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey is a tour that includes only the latest fishing equipment and tackle, as well as a fun company of captain and guide!

Payment after boarding the bus
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Program plan and details

Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey is an interesting journey into the open sea. This is an opportunity to get an unusual experience and leave in memory good memories of the beautiful time in Turkey. Perhaps, this is not quite a traditional type of entertainment in the resort towns of the Black Sea coast. But you're not just going to the sea for a tan, are you? Adrenaline and beautiful shots of endless water surfaces are also needed.

Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey: Why choose a sea fishing tour in Belek?

Fishing in Turkey on a yacht is a fascinating activity for beginners. You do not need to give up the tour, if before you have never held a fishing rod. We offer:

  • Rent tackles;
  • walk on a ship in the company of friends and loved ones;
  • rest on deck on soft sofas.

An individual tour involves having only your family or company on board. In the place where we usually fish, almost always calm and quiet weather. The water temperature is stable between 24 and 29 degrees. Sea fishing in Belek and other resorts in Turkey will not require special permission for this fishing. So you can enjoy the Turkish sun and the process of fishing.

Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey: What kind of fish is found in the Mediterranean?

During the tour you can catch different types of fish, which varies mainly from the season:

  • golden spar is usually eaten both raw and processed;
  • striped mullet has a delicate taste; the toothfish refers to fish with dietary meat, which is good for humans;
  • is a huge underwater predator that can be up to 3.5 meters long and weighs 400 kg;
  • red sea bass - there are many useful substances in the cooked from it

Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey is common, it is a great pastime. For all the time we change the place several times because the nibble depends on the time of day. The route is developed in advance: affect the catch and migration movements of the fish themselves. If you like this kind of entertainment, we suggest combining it with an outdoor picnic during the lake Karacaoren picnic and fishing tour open air.

If you have chosen sea fishing in Belek, then get ready to wake up early: at seven o'clock in the morning, we are already sailing. The choice of early time is because sutra is the best catch: 50 minutes in each zone is enough for a normal catch. In the afternoon, after fishing, you will find a delicious lunch of fish caught by you. By about an hour you are back in the port and go to dry land.

Sea fishing in Belek in Turkey receives excellent reviews from previous customers. Many of them return to the board again and again. Of course, it's fascinating. Because in addition to catching fish, you can swim in the open sea, sunbathe and save a magnificent photo. The price of sea fishing in Turkey is not at all high: specific prices should be recognized directly on the spot. But everyone can afford such leisure, especially as it suits everyone.

Attention! In response to the new rules of tour organizations in Turkey related to the global coronavirus pandemic, we have taken measures to protect guests. Tourists who go on a trip will be provided with protective masks and antiseptics, shuttle buses and yachts are filled only half of the total capacity.

Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey price list

How Many Age Range Price
1 person  Adult 50€
1 person  Children (5-11) 25€
1 person  Infants (0-4) 0€

Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey Benefits

Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey is a comfortable transfer. Payment during the tour. The opportunity to do what you love in the company of your family or friends. Individual tour program. Extended program without going to shops.

Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey Tour Details

Tour daysBy agreement
Tour hours 05:00 - 13:00
Includeshotel transfers and backs, insurance, fishing gear and equipment, lunch
Excludesdrinks (optional)
Recommendedswimsuits and towels, sunglasses and cream, dry clothes, hats

Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey Tour content

  • Transfer tourists from the hotel
  • Arriving at the port and boarding a yacht
  • Going for sea fishing in the open sea
  • Start of fishing, accompanied by a fisherman's captain with years of experience
  • A few shifts of locations in the Mediterranean
  • Preparing a catch on board a fishing boat
  • Stop for lunch
  • Return to port and return to the hotel

  • Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey will acquaint travelers with a huge variety of the fauna of the Mediterranean Sea, because these waters are inhabited by such representatives as dorada (golden spar), red mullet, common dentiff, pink, giant merou or grouper, as well as red sea perch.

  • Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey will teach travelers the correct method of fishing from the shore to spinning and show some of its features. For example, there are several different types of coastal spinning - jig (fishing with silicone lures), wobblers (devices for catching predatory fish, spinners. For each case, the bait will be completely different and special for the purpose of fishing.