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Excursion to Side and Manavgat Bazar from Belek

Excursion to Side and Manavgat Bazar from Belek is a grueling shopping in the largest market in the region, where there are tons of souvenirs, sweets and clothes that will suit the taste of the tourist.

Excursion to Side and Manavgat Bazar from Belek

Excursion to Side and Manavgat Bazar from Belek is one of the positive points in this journey. The most beautiful place in Turkey is the Apollo temple lies in Side through the largest market in the Manougat. You will be able to have a fun time, buying unique local products, and experience new things.

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Program plan and details

Excursion to Side and Manavgat Bazar from Belek is one of the most popular tours for tourists because each point has its own special attraction. Turkey is a place with coastal and sun-Mediterranean cities where a huge flood of tourists is in place. The side is one of the most beautiful cities in the Antalya region and is in the words of pomegranate. This city is located 78 kilometers from Antalya.

This small city in addition to the white sandy beach and sea facilities has ancient places Apollo and historical cemetery. Also, a Roman bath is a museum in which unique ancient objects can be found. It is famous. for the Side street market.

The region is a small village today for luxury hotels to become an excellent place for tourists. From the famous hotels, it is a hotel of famous hotels in the shores can be Crystal Palace hotels, Riolavitas Resort & Spa, Royal Dragon-Seine, Crystal rise Seyedeh and Many other hotels have outlined.

Near the Side, there is an ancient city with an eighth-century history, located 5 km from it was named Manavgat. This city is a small town with low-rise houses, quiet and cozy and it is suitable for relaxing and it's famous for local restaurants, which you can eat freshly cooked river fish and plus Manavgat not only is quite perfect for resting and is the beauty of landscapes or historical attraction but also famous for its huge bazaar, where we invite you to tour the Bazaar Manavgat and Side from Belek! it is the best bazaar in Side. 

Shopping plays an important role. Somebody visits shops and markets in order to be familiar and just of interest. For some, it is a great opportunity to buy souvenirs and everything at a low cost at a real Turkish bazaar. In this bazaar, you will be able to buy local sweets. The market tour in Manawgat is a great opportunity for a pleasant combination with useful where to shop in Side. You will be able to visit the market as part of a single trip, buy and see some sights. It took a little time to travel to Manavgat. The best offer which we can give you is Excursion to Side and Manavgat bazaar from Belek because you can experience several options together on a tour.

There are times when we need a little excitement to have fun, because our company supports all tours in Turkey with the best price and the highest quality, so according to all tastes, it can provide its experiences to tourists. In this regard, we offer you a paraglider tour.

Excursion to Side and Manavgat Bazar from Belek: Details of the tour program:

  • We will pick you up from your hotels and take you to this town to start the Belek Manavgat Bazaar and Side Tour with a comfortable vehicle with air-conditioned.
  • Don't worry about anything because of an English guide with yours.

Bazaar in Excursion to Side and Manavgat Bazar from Belek will be held on Monday and Thursdays. These days, locals from surrounding areas have bought it to market fruits, vegetables, and other products, which can be purchased at relatively low prices, in some cases even a little myth. Here you will have a great opportunity to buy amazing olive oil, insanely delicious Turkish tea. Textile and souvenirs are also presented. It is necessary to understand that the price has essentially put only one possible. It is customary to trade in local markets. So you have a great opportunity to save shopping.

Enjoying shopping in Excursion to Side and Manavgat Bazar from Belek, you can explore some historical objects. The Apollo Temple, which you will see, is made in the second century BC of white marble to honor the Greek god of Apollo, a young man with a stunning golden hair. Not far from that is the Artemis Temple. It was built at the same time. Both historical objects fall against each other, symbolized by the sun and Moon.

In ancient times, the temple was surrounded by a colonial. Now, you can only see several columns restored, as well as ruins. It is believed that its period of destruction dates back to the fifth century. However, this amazing place will not be able to abandon your indifference and will remember forever, recalling a pleasant holiday.

Excursion to Side and Manavgat Bazar from Belek price list

How Many Age Range Price
1 person  Adult 13€
1 person  Children (7-12) 7€
1 person  Infants (0-6) 0€

Excursion to Side and Manavgat Bazar from Belek Benefits

Excursion to Side and Manavgat Bazar from Belek is a comfortable transfer. Payment during the tour. Shopping for souvenirs at low prices in the largest market in the region. The historical component of an exciting excursion. Visiting several locations in one tour.

Excursion to Side and Manavgat Bazar from Belek Tour Details

Tour daysMonday, Thursday
Tour hours 09:30 — 16:30
IncludesTransfer in both directions, insurance, services of English-speaking guide, familiarization of attractions according to the program
Excludeslunch, drinks
Recommendedcomfortable clothes and shoes, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen/tan, camera

Excursion to Side and Manavgat Bazar from Belek Tour content

Due to Coronavirus on the trip mask and social distance is mandatory

  • Transfer of guests from hotels of the coast
  • Arrival at the region's largest bazaar - Manavgat (3 hours of free shopping time) - is the markets reveal part of Turkish culture, their passion for the trade 
  • Continuation of the tour in ancient Side (2 hours of free time), where you will get acquainted with the famous ruins of the temple of Apollo and Athena
  • Return transfers to hotels

  • Excursion to Side and Manavgat Bazar from Belek offers an excellent selection of outerwear made of leather and fur, an abundance of fabrics, carpets and accessories, as well as delicious Turkish sweets for every taste.

  • Excursion to Side and Manavgat Bazar from Belek is open daily from 9 am to 7 pm and invites everyone to walk through its shops full of interesting products and products. During the holiday season, the opening hours of the Manavgat market may be extended with an increase in demand.

  • Excursion to Side and Manavgat Bazar from Belek is at a distance of 45 kilometers. It is very easy to get here using the local route taxis - dolmus. So, you need to take a dolmush on the ALANYA - MANAVGAT or CAA02 route and ask the driver to stop at the right place. It will be most convenient to get to this "Mecca of Eastern shopping" as part of an organized tour.

  • Excursion to Side and Manavgat Bazar from Belek offers a huge selection of cheap souvenirs, which can be purchased not only directly on its territory, but also at the flea market next to the usual bazaar. The prices for local products can be a pleasant surprise. The cheapest thing here is to buy all kinds of magnets and photo cards depicting Turkish landscapes, special oriental amulets “Nazar Bondjuk”, colorful jewelry and bijouterie, as well as all kinds of Turkish sweets.