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About Us - Belek Tours

About Us - Belek Tours


Belek Tours has been successfully operating on the market since 1998. We provide tour services in Belek throughout Turkey. A huge number of tourists have already visited fascinating tours, got a lot of pleasant impressions and memorable moments. Thanks to impeccable work, creative approach, detailed development of routes, the company has gained a good reputation. The team consists of talented people with extensive experience.

These facts confirm the numerous positive reviews on the site, as well as the words of customers who turned to services. The professionalism of the company is reflected in the exact compliance with the conditions described in the contract. The presence of the necessary licenses, accompanying documentation, participation in Turkish associations, the implementation of compulsory insurance - all the necessary securities is available to the company

What is the peculiarity of our company?

We have been successfully conducting our professional activities for many years. Thousands of customers have used the services over a long period of time. Most of them have become permanent, which indicates trust on their part and the desire to receive a high quality service. Employees of the company are real professionals in their field, because they listen to the wishes of customers, work individually with each customer. As a result, the latter get the desired.

The company's experienced team, consisting of managers and qualified guides, instantly responds to customer requests, incoming orders, changes in routes related to external circumstances and weather conditions. Customers get a rest, which does not have unforeseen situations and incidents. This is possible only in cooperation with professionals in their field, specialists who know their work thoroughly, foresee possible changes or wishes.

For customers, rafting is organized on local rivers. This is a chance to see exotic places, as well as get the sharpness of sensations from the past test. Individual tours are made in a special way: taking into account the wishes of customers. For example, someone prefers sea walks, jeep safaris, others - evening walks with a glass of champagne, the third - diving dives, photo shoots, as well as many other wonderful programs. All this awaits everyone who turn to the services of Belek Tours.



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