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Terms And Conditions

Terms And ConditionsThe subject of the contract

The essence of this contract is the sale of electronic services of the Agency from the company's website. In accordance with law No.4077 on the sale and provision of a range of services listed in qualifying and sale prices, as well as the Law on Consumer Rights Protection, remote contracts. The legal obligations of the parties to the agreement in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations

Key points:

THE CONSUMER agrees that the tour, the quality of the service, the cost of sale, the payment option, as well as the preliminary information about its implementation will be fulfilled, and as confirmation sent an email.

AGENCY ensures the full implementation of the proposed services described in the subject of the contract.
AGENCY is responsible for damages, damages if the service does not meet the stated parameters. It is important to know that visa processing is not included in the total cost of a tour or event.

The consumer undertakes to notify THE AGENCE when there are any complaints in writing. AGENCY also pledges to find a number of solutions within a well-thought-out approach.

THE CONSUMER has the ability to make changes to the tour date without any co-payment. But provided that the decision will be announced in at least three days. THE CONSUMER does not pay VAT for the package of services. All company prices are already subject to VAT.

Cancel or giving to someone else

AGENCY reserves the right to cancel the tour due to unforeseen conditions, such as an earthquake, a terrorist attack, the formation of obstacles on the road, adverse weather conditions. In this case, THE CONSUMER cannot object to the actions of THEACT.

If THE CONSUMER cancels the tour 15 days before it starts, the AGENCY is obliged to return the money to the customer. If the PRESPUT cancels the tour 7 days before it starts, it can count only on a 50% return of invested funds. If the cancellation of the tour is due to the refusal of the CONSUMER in less than seven days, then THESATIS does not return the money.

It is possible to transfer the purchased tour OF THE PRESIDENT to another person, but provided that the transfer takes place no later than 7 days before the planned date of the trip. AGENCY notifies CONSUMERS of changes to the tour in person, by email or in any other way. THE CONSUMER must confirm the fact of the notice in person.

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