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Sights of Belek

Belek is a young resort town that is part of the Turkish Riviera, surrounded by cedar, coniferous, eucalyptus forests and groves, a wide coastal zone and the Mediterranean Sea.

In the tourism sector, Belek became known only 40 years ago, but during this time it has combined all the best that may be needed on vacation. It is a favorite of tourists who value luxury and comfort. Undoubtedly, the calling card of the resort can be called fashionable 5 * hotels, which have their own beaches, golf courses, and sometimes even whole water parks.

The main natural attraction of Belek is Köprülü Canyon, National Park, 14 kilometers long along the emerald mountain river Keprüçay. A riot of greenery, crystal clear water and waterfalls attract connoisseurs of picturesque landscapes.

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