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Why Belek is an expensive resort

Why Belek is an expensive resort is a fairly frequent question for all tourists, the answer to which, fortunately, is very easy to give

Why Belek is an expensive resort

Why Belek is an expensive resort

Why Belek is an expensive resort can be argued for a long time, but there are a number of objective reasons why tourists who value a comfortable and luxurious vacation are willing to pay more than, for example, in Antalya and other Turkish regions. In just a couple of decades, Belek has managed to create a stunning infrastructure among the magnificent groves and the pristine Mediterranean coast, which is undoubtedly worth all the investment.

Why Belek is an expensive resort: why people choose it

The city itself is the most convenient for families with children, because it has the most convenient infrastructure in Turkey, an abundance of luxury institutions and children's centers, as well as many entertainment locations.

Belek is rightfully considered the center of sports and elite entertainment, which are inherent in wealthy vacationers. So, the city has a huge number of horse riding grounds, golf clubs and an abundance of places for advanced diving. The yacht rental service is also very developed here.

This region also has perhaps the largest number of ultra all inclusive hotels. This convenient and luxurious service magnetically attracts wealthy travelers to the resort for a carefree and high-quality summer vacation, fully answering the question “why is Belek an expensive resort”.

Belek resort in Turkey: the pros

The main advantage of such a luxurious and sophisticated resort like Belek is the fact that an airport is located very close to it, which serves both Turkish cities and receives flights from other countries. Antalya Airport is located only 35 kilometers from Belek, and the transfer from it is incredibly comfortable and does not exceed half an hour, so passengers with small children and just travelers who do not like long sit-down transfers will be delighted.

The second, but no less important advantage of the magnificent resort is its beaches, which are rightfully considered the best in Turkey. They are also perfect for families with children, since there are no pebbles anywhere, but only fine and pleasant white sand. The entrance to the sea is also very measured and sandy.

The third but not the least important plus is that Belek has a lot to offer in the field of entertainment and even historical tours, and for this it is absolutely not necessary to leave the city limits. So, locals and tourists adore the local water park The Land Of Legends, and lovers of historical tours will gladly go to the ruins of the ancient cities of Perge and Aspendos in search of mysterious treasures.