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Belek rent car

Belek rent car

Belek rent car

Dear guests of the country, welcome to sunny Turkey!

Wherever you stay, whether it's an apartment, hotel or friends, you can always rent a car and go on a trip. This option is very popular, thanks to maximum comfort. Organizing your company entertainment program, you think about renting a car. Here is all the information you need to know during car rental in Belek:

  • approximate price for car rental,
  • nuances of the contract,
  • insurance,
  • documents.

Prices across Turkey are about the same as in relation to prices in Belek, for a day it varies from 30 euros and above.

Documents what should you have?

The most important of the documents is the driver's license. It is important that they are of international standard. They may also be asked to provide a passport, but they do not leave it as collateral. In Turkey, as in another country, the age of the driver is important, renting a car is allowed from the 21st year, so if you are less, most likely you will be denied this service. Attention is drawn to the experience of driving, if you drive less than 3 years, the situation will be solved not in your favor.

Signing and drafting a contract

So, if you are all right with the above, the next stage is the signing of the contract. Read it very carefully, without hurrying, also specify whether the car is insured. Before issuing the car key, review the car and talk to the rental employee its external and internal state. In order to protect yourself, you can pay for a reasonable amount of insurance against minor troubles, such as a puncture of the tire.

Use your chance to travel to the best corners of the Turkish Republic with comfort.