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Historical Tours from Belek

Historic tours in Belek.

Tourists Belek became known since 1984, it was at this time the Turkish authorities decided to make a small coastal village one of the best among the fashionable resorts of the Mediterranean. Five-star hotels, golf courses, water parks, beautiful nature and convenient geographical location of the city, allows you to travel to any attraction. It can not fail to appreciate lovers of antiquity and history, as it is known in the Republic of Turkey it is more than rich and the choice of historical tours from Belek is quite diverse.

What to see:

Belek's story

Nothing will tell about the country better than the story it was able to preserve and convey to today.

Perge - Aspendos - the closest historical find from the resort, just 25 kilometers away. Perge, built in the 11th century BC, the richest city occupied a strategic position in the trade and economic sphere of the time. Today it can be seen ancient buildings of the racetrack, Roman baths, market square and walls of fortresses, but archaeological excavations are still underway.

Aspendos has retained the Roman aqueduct, which stretches 20 kilometers long, once supplying the city with water, city gates and theater. It is the theatre, which can hold up to 12,000 spectators, attracts tourists from all over the world. Archaeologists were able to restore it, and until recently it functioned.