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Salda Lake Tour with Pamukkale from Belek

Salda Lake Tour with Pamukkale from Belek is the best opportunity that you will visit 3 special attractions and famous in Turkey on a full day on one trip and remember the memories of it forever. We will offer you the best cars with the wisest guides, book now and pay on the trip.

Turkish Maldives from Belek

Salda Lake Tour with Pamukkale from Belek is an excellent tour to the beautiful mountainous area where you can go fishing and then go to the thermal springs.

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Program plan and details

Salda Lake Tour with Pamukkale from Belek for you so that you can enjoy the most spectacular tourist attractions. This tour includes the following places:

Salda Lake Tour with Pamukkale from Belek: salda Lake: is known as the hidden Paradise in Turkey, and is one of the most beautiful attractions of Turkey, which is annually attractions millions of tourists because of its beauties and temperate climate with its amazing view, its therapeutic properties they visit here. The lake is located in the Yeshilova district of Burdur Province in northern Antalya. The lake has the clearest water in Turkey and the surrounding vegetation is unbeatable. The sand of this lake has a great therapeutic effect on the skin including acne.

Salda Lake Tour with Pamukkale from Belek: Pamukkale: saltwater is one of the rare areas in Turkey and the world, this beautiful area near the Mediterranean Sea is located near Denizli, This city in Turkish means (white castle), and it is truly possible to say that is one of the best mineral waters in the world. Due to the accumulation of calcium compounds over time, white stairs or hollow ponds were formed.

Salda Lake Tour with Pamukkale from Belek: Hierapolis: In close proximity to this spectacular attraction, the city of Hierapolis which has remained a monument to the Romans is located. According to the existing sources, the word (Hiera) is sacred, the famous city has been established during the Hellenistic, and because of having hot springs healed, this name is considered. There is also a historic amphitheater that puts a number of 10,000 people in their hearts.

According to our customer's demands and their welcome to historic trips, we will show you these attractions in the form of a tour. Some tourists do not want to go shopping, and that's why we take this journey without a stop for shopping, and you can use all of your time only for visiting the attractions. The duration of this one-day trip is complete, which is held by high-air conditioning machines and comfortable seating. During your trip from the beginning to the end, you will be with an English guide, which does not leave any questions to remain for you.

Some of the tourists like visiting attractions with shopping so for such tourists we offer Pamukkale tour from Belek Antalya

Salda Lake Tour with Pamukkale from Belek program:

At midnight we will transfer you from your hotel and take half of the night on the road and you can relax during the first destination, then stop near the morning will be at one of the local restaurants to spend breakfast and you will get a taste of a healthy breakfast. Then the first attraction that you will visit is the Salda lake, which is known as the "Turkish Maldives" The beauty of these lakes is infinity and you will have free time to relax and refresh your soul and body in this clear water. Take advantage of the sand filled with magnesium and clear Water, because it will not be an opportunity for anyone, and you are going to know that you are in one of the most specific parts of the world, not worry about the air because the vegetation around the lake has caused the water and You have the air and you can finally relax, bath and cleanse your skin.

Then after a few hours, you will re-ride the car and you will travel to the heart of another special attraction of Turkey. Our next destination is one of the most natural parts of the world, and because of popularity among tourists is one of the most-visited parts of Turkey that they come here from all the provinces of Turkey. You are very lucky to have chosen the closest city for your holiday. We will take you to visit the Snow terrace and you can swim in warm saline waters that are full of calcium and relax your body and soul. The nature of Pamukkale is very amazing and special and has positive energy, which is why it is known as the healing city and every person who comes to this place will treat both their body and soul.

After lunch, we will go to Hierapolis, where we will see all the Roman constructions.

Near Pamukkale is the city of Hierapolis, which will be our next destination. This city is sacred due to its mineral water and proximity to Pamukkale and its terraces to the well-known healing city. you will visit all the walls and pillars of the Hierapolis. There is also a museum here, and all the remains of the Romans are kept there. then we go to a second-century amphitheater that looks like a pit. This place is higher than the theater, as it was designed to protect the audience from wild animals.

Then, after finishing visiting these unbelievable attractions, we get ready to head back to Belek, stopping for dinner and taking a break. You will return to your hotel after dinner.

In Salda Lake Tour, All Entrance tickets are included and you will not be charged extra for this trip and if you wish to swim in the Cleopatra Pool in Pamukkale - you can pay extra. This tour is held three days a week and On Saturdays, you will have 3 meals and on Monday and Wednesday you must get your lunch box one day before the trip from your hotel reception.

So now Belek-Tours invites nature and history lovers to get with Salda Lake and Pamukkale tour from Belek with affordable prices so that we can save their place and provide them with the best plan. 

Excursion of Lake Salda and Pamukkale from Bogazkent

Excursion of Lake Salda and Pamukkale from Bogazkent - Belek - the white beaches of Lake Salda amaze the originality of the wild. Rare species of birds and butterflies live in the pines, and a rich underwater world is hidden in the emerald water of the lake. Pamukkala is home to one of Turkey's unusual attractions, Cotton Castle, with its trails filled with therapeutic thermal water.

Walk to Lake Salda and Pamukkale from Kadriye

Walk to Lake Salda and Pamukkale from Kadriye - Belek - the extraordinarily beautiful turquoise lake Salda and white beaches. Cleopatra Pool, thermal springs and interesting ancient ruins, the ancient city of Ierapolis with an interesting history. You are waiting for mud baths with real therapeutic clay. And, of course, the main attraction of Turkey - the cascades of Pamukkale.

Tour to Lake Salda and Pamukkale from Seric

Tour to Lake Salda and Pamukkale from Seric to Belek. Azure water, white sand and mineral springs will leave unforgettable emotions from the tour. "Turkish Maldives" is considered 8 wonders of the world, this is what you will see when you visit there, and besides it is also a natural spa. Beautiful photos against the background of picturesque nature are exactly guaranteed to you. You have never seen such a Turkey.

Salda Lake Tour with Pamukkale from Belek price list

How Many Age Range Price
1 person  Adult 35€
1 person  Children (4-8) 20€

Salda Lake Tour with Pamukkale from Belek Benefits

Salda Lake Tour with Pamukkale from Belek are two attractions in one excursion. Visit to the 8th wonder of the world - "cotton terraces". Visit to Cleopatra's pool. The purest blue lake. Similarity to the Maldives. White beach. Beautiful nature. Fresh air. The waters of the lake are saturated with magnesium and magnesite. The white clay of the lake has medicinal properties.

Salda Lake Tour with Pamukkale from Belek Tour Details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 06:30 — 19:00
Includestransfer , insurance, English-speaking guide, breakfast, lunch, dinner
Excludesoptional: drinks, entrance tickets to the Cleopatra pool, entrance to Pamukkale, Hierapolis, Salda Lake
Recommendedlunch box from the hotel (breakfast), sunglasses, sun creams, hat, swimsuit and towel

Salda Lake Tour with Pamukkale from Belek Tour content

  • Salda lake tour from Belek begins from transfer of tourists from hotels in the region;
  • breakfast in a local cafe (you can also take a lunch box from your hotel);
  • walk on the beach of Lake Salda or "Turkish Maldives" - free time for rest;
  • lunch at a picturesque local restaurant; arrival at Pamukkale National Park and meeting with snow-white travertine terraces, information from the guide;
  • excursion of the ancient city of Hierapolis, meeting with the ruins of ancient civilizations, visiting the amphitheater, ancient streets, necropolis and tombs - free time for a walk;
  • swimming in the famous Cleopatra pool - a unique thermal pool with healing water (optional);
  • meeting guests at the buses and departure from Pamukkale in Belek direction;
  • dinner at a local restaurant of national cuisine;
  • return to the hotels of the region.

  • Salda Lake Tour with Pamukkale from Belek suggests the opportunity to swim in the azure lake water, and there is even a natural curative mud with therapeutic properties right by the shore.

  • Salda Lake Tour with Pamukkale from Belek offers to stay in some of the best Turkish hotels on the shores of a picturesque lake, for example, Hotel Lago Di Salda, which has a huge private pool and a beautiful landscape view. Another great option for a stopover is the Aromatic hotel, which is surrounded by a real fragrant garden of rare flowers.

  • Salda Lake Tour with Pamukkale from Belek from Belek provides an opportunity to visit an incredible lake in the Burdur province near Mount Esler, which has the whitest sand and incredibly azure water color, for which this place was nicknamed the "Turkish Maldives".

  • Salda Lake Tour with Pamukkale from Belek will show that recently the Turkish authorities have introduced a temporary ban on swimming in the lake in order to preserve the pristine view of the coast. It is better to check with our managers about the period of validity or cancellation of this ban.