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Swim with Dolphins in Belek

Swim with Dolphins in Belek is a good trip. Experience the best moments of your life with the touch of these mammals, play, and dance with them and you can even ride them while they are swimming. if you are coming from a busy city then Belek-tours will help you to be calm in your holiday.

Swim with Dolphins in Belek is the very tour that any child has ever dreamed of. This is a sincere and lively communication with dolphins and a wonderful show.

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Program plan and details

Swim with Dolphins in Belek is an opportunity to get the best positive energy. Dolphins are marine mammals from the order of water-makers who have a close relationship with whales and boarfish, The ancestors of these animals were A kind of amphibian who entered from land to water for nearly 50 million years ago to find food. There are approximately 40 types of dolphins that are classified in 17 different categories.

Their body has changed gradually after time in the waters, Dolphins and other amphibians have the ability to move in ballet water and their tail works as propulsion.

They are savvy creatures and easily communicate with humans, they are the only creatures that are opposed to sharks because the muzzle of these animals is extremely strong and can kill a shark with one blow.

Swim with Dolphins in Belek: The impact of swimming with these clever animals in spirit and social relationships:

Swim with Dolphins creates joy and peace of mind, strengthens the immune system, enhances awareness, attention, and control of the person on its own, and feelings of love and Increases confidence. As an individual's passion and curiosity extend to the outside world and the capacity to gain relationships with people especially in children with It improves autism radically.

Swim with Dolphins in Belek: Benefits of swimming with these mammals:

During the treatment program by communicating between the patient and the dolphin increases the production and secretion of endorphins in the body and completely natural causes a decrease in chronic pain and strong peace of the person. Likewise, swimming with a dolphin will lead to the faster and more accurate treatment of patients receiving ergonomics, rehabilitation, or physiotherapy.

Swim with Dolphins in Belek: Special features of swimming with dolphins in Antalya :

Dolphins, as you might find yourself, are clever and joyful animals. They are very playful and this badge is from the same intelligence that God has granted to them. And occasionally, the news of the lives of the trapped humans in the sea by dolphins in the corners of the world. They have a very good hearing that can be used to the extent that they also get too weak frequencies. With a choice of this tour, you can also strengthen the sense of confidence and joy in spirit and psyche. Especially this feeling can be very effective for your children

Our company gives you the chance to be able to communicate with these creatures closely. The dolphin's tour is one of the water's entertainments that is offered not only as fun but also has a therapeutic property that is due to the health benefits that all dolphin parks of all around the world offer their applicants. This type of excursion is also considered to be a special therapeutic effect for the treatment of autistic patients and can increase the secretion of sedative hormones in the human body. In addition to the therapeutic properties.

You can also check out and book Dolphin show in Belek to watch how these mammals behavior in the pool

The program of Swim with dolphins in Belek :

At first, you will be transferred with a comfortable and luxurious car and you will go to the best dolphin park of Belek; City at first you will be trained by a mentor, how to behave with these creatures, and then take the free time to enjoy with them, Play games, catch up, and even you can. These creatures are very kind and have a certain relationship with humans. After finishing, you can also have your photos and videos as you wish.

Just experience with dolphins, undoubtedly you will be confirmed that communication with these special mammals is one of the most exciting and popular amusement of the world and the creator of the best and most cheerful moments for you. By choosing this tour and spending beautiful moments with these wonderful creatures, you will add a new page to your life's diary.

So now book this tour without prepaid through our website and pay it when you join the tour.

Swimming with dolphins in Bogazkent

Swimming with dolphins in Bogazkent - Belek is a great opportunity to fulfill a long-held dream. Animals from the first minutes of communication will get rid of the accumulated stress, will gladly demonstrate tricks with various accessories and leave an unforgettable impression of the family holiday. Dolphins are friendly and happy to make contact with both adults and children.

Dolphin therapy in Kadriye

Dolphin therapy in Kadriye - Belek is a very interesting and active excursion for the whole family. These marine life will surprise you with their wit and friendliness, especially to children. You can have fun and get to know the dolphins by swimming with them in the pool. Pleasant and vivid memories will remain in your memory and photos for a long time.

Dolphins in Serik

Dolphins in Serik - Belek - many at least once in their lives dreamed to see and touch the dolphin, with us it is real! For 30 minutes you will communicate with this amazing creature, swim lying on his white, warm tummy, play with the ball, be able to appear as a coach and please the public's favorite with fresh fish. And in the end, get a kiss on the cheek.

Swim with Dolphins in Belek price list

How Many Age Range Price
1 person  Adult 110€
1 person  Passenger 15€

Swim with Dolphins in Belek Benefits

Swim with Dolphins in Belek is a personal introduction to these unique animals at the most convenient time. The company provides a comfortable transfer to and from the dolphinarium, as well as detailed safety instructions.

Swim with Dolphins in Belek Tour Details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 10:00 - 12:00
IncludesFree transfer with comfortable cars, insurance, swimming with dolphins.
Recommendedswim suites, towel

Swim with Dolphins in Belek Tour content

  • Swim with Dolphins in Belek start from free transfer from your hotel
  • Arriving at Antalya Dolphin park
  • Required explanations by instructor
  • Swimming with the clever mammals
  • Playing and dancing with the dolphins
  • Photograph with dolphins(optional)
  • Transfer back to Hotels

  • Swim with Dolphins in Belek is allowed even for toddlers from 7 years old and older, as smaller swimmers may be afraid of these new creatures, or simply react incorrectly to them.

  • Swim with Dolphins in Belek can be carried out for children from 7 years old, which is why this entertainment is especially popular among young schoolchildren. Swimming with dolphins is most beneficial for babies with various kinds of diseases of the nervous system.

  • Swim with Dolphins in Belek is absolutely contraindicated for visitors with skin diseases, nervous diseases and epilepsy; hypertension in a severe stage, with sexually transmitted diseases and with asthma.

  • Swim with Dolphins in Belek is of great benefit to both children and adults, as this leisure activity has a tremendous therapeutic effect. Swimming with dolphins is known to help combat stress and insomnia, as well as anxiety in adults. Its positive influence has also been proven in working with children with cerebral palsy.