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Cappadocia from Belek 3 days tour

Cappadocia from Belek 3 days tour its an amazing trip that for many years you will remember it in your memory.because its a wish for everybody to put their feet in this land. The approximate driving distance between Belek and Cappadocia (specifically to the town of Göreme, a central location in Cappadocia) is about 550 kilometers (about 340 miles). This distance usually corresponds to a driving time of about 7 to 8 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions.

3 days tour from Belek to Cappadocia

3 days tour from Belek to Cappadocia offers a rich experience through the region’s highlights. Visit Göreme’s rock-cut churches, take a hot air balloon ride, explore Devrent Valley’s unique formations, and tour underground cities like Kaymakli. Stay in a cave hotel and enjoy traditional Turkish meals along the way.

Payment after boarding the bus
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Program plan and details

Cappadocia from Belek 3 days tour is an affordable tour and will appeal to absolutely all travelers, even children. The distance from the source to Cappadocia does not seem long or tedious. You will travel in a comfortable bus accompanied by our professional English guide. The trip will be not only comfortable but also interesting.

Cappadocia from Belek 3 days Tour details:

Cappadocia is a region located in the east of the country in the lands of Antalya. It includes 8 cities living their separate lives. When looking at it, the impression is that the earth is abandoned from another, distant planet. The Goreme Valley and the ancient cave settlements were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

So original and fabulous landscape to find somewhere else is unlikely to succeed. it appeared thanks to centuries-old collisions of titanic plates, earthquakes, rains, and strong winds, as well as human hands, belonging to the first settlers, the ancient Romans, and Christians fleeing persecution. Today you can see preserved underground cities, remnants of dwellings and churches with wall frescoes.

In the Cappadocia from Belek 3 days tour, you will see the valleys of Paşagab and Devrent, the underground city of Spratly, and the fortress of Uchisar, the park of Goreme, Avanos, a pottery workshop and so on. If you have an overwhelming desire to experience new emotions for yourself, get a piece of adrenaline, a balloon flight will be organized especially for you, where you can meet the dawn.

Cappadocia from Belek 3 days tour: main program visits:

  • Devrent and Pashabag valleys;
  • the Valley of the Pigeons and the Fortress of Uchisar;
  • ancient underground city Spratly;
  • caves, churches, and Chavuşin;
  • Göreme Valley, as well as the Open Air Museum.

For those who have little time at the Mediterranean coast, they can choose a more compact tour to Cappadocia from Belek for two days, by English historians guide also.

A three-day excursion to Cappadocia from Bogazkent

A three-day excursion to Cappadocia from Bogazkent to Belek - the distance to this amazing place is more than 500 km. and the right decision will be to go there for a few days. Meet the sunsets and dawns, visit underground cities and museums, fly a hot air balloon and enjoy the amazing show "Night in Cappadocia" in a theme restaurant with a glass of wine.

A three-day tour to Cappadocia from Kadriye

A three-day tour to Cappadocia from Kadriye to Belek - if you think 3 days is a long time - you are wrong! In the Valley of beautiful horses you will not have enough of them: an interesting story, multi-tiered underground cities, rocks served as houses, temples and shelters for the first Christians. In some churches there are still fragments of frescoes and icons dating back to the 1st century AD.

A trip to Cappadocia from Serik for 3 days

A trip to Cappadocia from Serik - Belek for 3 days - to soak up the spirit of this amazing area, meet the dawn under the dome of a balloon, catch a sunset in one of the valleys, when the sun will paint all around with bright colors. Be sure to go down to one of the underground cities a few meters down and climb to the highest point - a rock castle in Uchhisar.

Cappadocia from Belek 3 days tour price list

How Many Age Range Price
1 person  Adult 150€
1 person  Children (4-8) 75€

Cappadocia from Belek 3 days tour Benefits

Cappadocia from Belek 3 days tour will save you from the need to worry about accommodation and food, and completely turn your attention to amazing landscapes and exploring local attractions.

Cappadocia from Belek 3 days tour Tour Details

Tour daysTuesday, Friday
Tour hours 06:00 — 19:00
IncludesTransfer, insurance, English-speaking guide, two breakfasts in hotel (+hot drinks), two dinners in hotel, two nights in hotel
ExcludesDrinks, lunches, transfer to the parade of balloons (if the tourist does not fly), balloon flight, entrance tickets, single room in hotel, tickets for the rite of the dervishes and the show "Turkish Night in Cappadocia", entrance tickets to the Mevlana museum
RecommendedComfortable clothes and shoes, hats and sunglasses, warm clothes, lunch-box (order at the reception of your hotel ONE DAY before departure)

Cappadocia from Belek 3 days tour Tour content

First day:

  • Cappadocia from Belek 3 days tour - the tour starts with a group transfer from guests hotels;
  • Route along the panoramas and landviews of the Taurus Mountains;
  • Breakfast in a cozy local restaurant overlooking nature;
  • Tour of the famous "Dervish Abode" in Konya: visiting the "Mevlana Museum", the places where the great Turkish philosopher lived etc;
  • Stop for lunch at a fixed menu restaurant in Konya;
  • Tour of the multi-level underground city Saratli;
  • Arrival at the hotel, check-in and accommodation in the rooms;
  • Dinner buffet in the hotel restaurant;
  • Visiting the colorful ceremony of the Sema dervishes (optional) or watching the sunset on a picturesque panoramic platform;

Second day:

  • Morning departure on Balloon Parade in Cappadocia: a flight in a hot air balloon (optional) or meeting the dawn with a view of the balloon festival;
  • Return to the hotel, breakfast at the restaurant;
  • Stop in the Derwent Valley (or Valley of Fantasy);
  • Visit to the Valley of the Monks (Pashabag), where the best wines in the history of Turkey are made;
  • Walk in the famous rocky settlement Chavushin, cut down by the first Christians right in the rock;
  • Excursion in Avanos - the center of pottery in Cappadocia;
  • Visit in authentic pottery workshop and the opportunity to observe the process of creating clay products;
  • Stop for buffet lunch at a restaurant in Avanos;
  • Photo-break on a panoramic view overlooking the Valley of Love;
  • Excursion to the legendary "open-air museum" Goreme;
  • Stop near the famous Uchisar fortress 60 meters high;
  • Tour in a factory of silk leather products, the opportunity to learn about the secret technology of its creation;
  • Return to the hotel, dinner at the buffet restaurant;
  • Visiting the colorful show program of national folklore "Turkish night in Cappadocia" (optional);

Third day:

  • Morning trip to the Hot Air Balloon Parade at sunrise (optional);
  • Breakfast at the hotel restaurant and departure from the hotel;
  • Photo-pause at the place overlooking the valley "Three Beauties" ("Uchguzel");
  • Walk near the fortress Ortahisar (or "middle fortress");
  • Visit to the workshop of natural stones of Anatolia and the opportunity to purchase souvenirs from natural stone;
  • Stop for photo and rest in the valley of the Pigeons;
  • Departure on the way back from Cappadocia;
  • Rest stop at the authentic caravanserai "Oresin Khan" in Konya;
  • Stop for lunch at the national restaurant of the city of Konya;
  • Return transfer to hotels in the region

  • Cappadocia from Belek 3 days tour offers to watch how up to two hundred balloons soar into the sky at the same time from the most popular observation deck in Goreme - Sunset Point.

  • Cappadocia from Belek 3 days tour does not imply an outlet to the sea, so you can swim here only in the pools in local hotels. Nevertheless, swimming here will fade into the background in comparison with the beauty and unusual flavor of the local landscapes.

  • Cappadocia from Belek 3 days tour is not the closest tour in terms of distance, since the closest to Cappadocia is the resort of Side with a distance of 500 kilometers, which are covered in about seven hours by bus.

  • Cappadocia from Belek 3 days tour is located in the heart of the Anatolian lands. It is very easy to find it on the map, focusing on the cities of Nevsehir, Kayseri and Nigde, since Cappadocia is located right between them.

  • Cappadocia from Belek 3 days tour allows you to see the balloon parade at any time of the year, even in winter. However, traditionally the season of balloons is the period from May to September, when the largest influx of tourists occurs. The main requirement for the conditions for launching balloons is the absence of windy weather and early morning, since thermals begin in the afternoon in this area.