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Belek to Cappadocia

Belek to Cappadocia is a great 2 day family excursion. The distance from Belek to Nevsehir will be almost imperceptible and absolutely easy. Throughout the program for two days, guests will learn how Cappadocia was formed, see the famous sights - the Goreme Museum, the Valley of Love, Pigeons, Fairies, Pink and Monks' Valley. in a comfortable bus next to you there will be a professional guide. By visiting this tour you will find out what is better to buy, how to get to underground churches, temples and how much it costs to fly in a hot air balloon.

Cappadocia tour from Belek

Cappadocia tour from Belek 2 days is a fabulous tour to a beautiful region where magical valleys and landscapes will help you relax.

Payment after boarding the bus
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Program plan and details

Belek to Cappadocia two days tour is an unusual tour that combines nature with history. Unique reliefs, magical valleys, underground cities - all this is Cappadocia. Do you want to see this wonder of the world with your own eyes? For a very affordable cost of the tour, you can see:

  1. Magic valleys;
  2. Underground cities;
  3. Take a hot air balloon ride and more.

How long does it take to get from Belek to Cappadocia

The route Cappadocia - Belek will not seem too tiring for tourists, although the distance will be about 550 km. The group will overcome this path in about 7-8 hours with several stops for breakfast or rest in picturesque places. The tour starts already on the bus, as the guide accompanying the group will begin a fascinating story about the local traditions and sights of Turkey at the very beginning of the journey. And the question of how to get from Belek to Cappadocia can be answered as follows: the most convenient way will be an organized tour with a guide and an experienced driver.

How Cappadocia was formed

As a result of the collision of titanic plates, volcanic eruptions, the impact of winds and precipitation, a unique land appeared in Anatolia. Here, time seems to have stopped. This part of Turkey has a unique life of its own that you will be fascinated by. You will see wonderful underground cities built by the Romans who fled from persecution and the first Christians with rock frescoes, as well as delightful valleys in their unusualness. It is impossible to fully enjoy all the beauties of this region in one day.

What does Cappadocia mean? Translated from the ancient language, this name sounds like "Country of beautiful horses", so it is not surprising that there is also a valley in the name of which these unique animals appear.

Valleys of Cappadocia

There are more than 15 of the most famous valleys in this region, and twice as many of those that are not so popular among visiting tourists. The whole of Cappadocia, in fact, is a huge array, consisting of mountains and lowlands, each of which is unique and special in its own way. It offers amazing panoramic views of stone pillars, tuff mountains and local nature.

Valley of Love

This is how the Baglydere valley is often called, which stretches for almost 4 km between the settlements of Uchhisar and Chavushin. It is not at all difficult to guess why the Valley of Love is so called, it is enough just to look at the special form of tuff pillars that prevail in this area.

Pink Valley

The Devrent Valley (also often referred to as the Derwent Valley), although not rich in important architectural or historical structures, its beauty captures the spirit of every tourist. Its uniqueness lies in the bizarre cosmic reliefs and forms in which, turning on your imagination, you can see fabulous animals and mythical creatures. The Devrent Valley is located between the settlements of Ugrup and Avanos.

Pasabag Monks Valley

The Valley of the Monks (or Pashabag) is named after the high-ranking Ottoman title of pasha, which was honored to be worn only by the elite in those years. These places in ancient times were famous for their special climate and ideal conditions for growing grapes. Therefore, to this day, here you can taste real and some of the best Cappadocian wines in the country.

Fairy Valley and Pigeon Valley

These places are rightfully considered to be one of the most picturesque in the region, because it is here that the signature recognizable photos of Cappadocia are taken from many angles. Thousands of small holes are carved into the rocks, which used to be dovecotes. In this valley there is a special observation deck, which is called Fairy Fireplaces - bizarre "mushrooms" from tufa of various shapes.

Göreme Museum (Cappadocia)

Göreme Unique Museum (Göreme) is one of the most popular monastery complexes in the region, famous for its monumental size and rich history. It was here at the time of the birth of Christianity that the first believers fled from Jerusalem, having arranged their life underground. There are ten Christian churches on the territory of the museum, whose appearance dates back to 900-1200.

Among the most famous underground churches, one can single out the famous Maiden Monastery in the rocks, as well as the Church of St. Basil, the Archbishop of Caesarea, who was one of the most revered saints in those years in the Cappadocian region. Here you can also visit the Church with an apple, the temple of St. Barbara and Ilanli (or the Church with a snake). most of them are covered by our program of excursions to Cappadocia from Belek.

If your vacation has a lot of days of rest, we advise you to choose a tour Capadocia from Belek for three days, because even a week will not be enough to get acquainted with this magical place in detail .

Shopping in Cappadocia

For those who love shopping or just want to buyfor yourself and your loved ones something to remember, we provide an opportunity to buy various interesting and useful items in stores as part of a two-day tour to Cappadocia from Belek. Here you will find quite inexpensive pottery or leather products, onyx stone products. These are very beautiful things that will be a great reminder of a great time spent in amazing and many-sided, mysterious Turkey. Excursion to Cappadocia from Belek for two days is a great chance to combine business with pleasure.

Cappadocia rugs

Among tourists, national silk carpets are in great demand, which can be bought exclusively in this region. Local craftsmen are considered among the most experienced in the world, so each carpet is a real work of art. Usually, the patterns on the canvases are made in a colorful Turkic style, and only materials and dyes of natural origin are used in the manufacture. Basically, each carpet is created by craftsmen by hand painstakingly and for a long time, and for one sq. cm. canvases need from 1000 to 1200 knots.

How much does a balloon flight cost in Cappadocia

The Balloon Festival is an enchanting event, for which thousands of tourists come here. At dawn, hundreds of colorful balloons soar into the sky, in the baskets of which admiring guests comfortably sit, who have a chance to admire these places from a bird's eye view. The cost of a hot air balloon flight is constantly changing and depends on seasonality, basket capacity, etc. On average, you will have to pay about €100-150 per person for a flight.

Belek - Nevsehir how to get there

The distance from Belek to Nevsehir will be almost imperceptible and absolutely easy for you. Throughout the exciting and entertaining journey, a professional guide will be next to you in a comfortable bus.

Belek to Cappadocia price list

How Many Age Range Price
1 person  Adult 58€
1 person  Children (4-8) 29€
1 person  Infants (0-3) 0€

Belek to Cappadocia Benefits

Excursion from Belek to Cappadocia for two days is perfect for those who want to buy something for themselves and loved ones as a keepsake, we provide an opportunity to buy various interesting and useful souvenirs in shops. Here you will find quite inexpensive pottery, onyx stone products. Minimum number of stops for shopping, accommodation in a cave-style hotel.

Belek to Cappadocia Tour Details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 06:30 - 19:00
IncludesFree transfer from the hotel, 1 night 4 star cave hotel, insurance, english guide, Breakfast and Dinner, entrance ticket to the sights (all additional services are upon request)
ExcludesLunch, hot ballon fly, Turkish night, entrance ticket to Goreme museum
RecommendedComfortable shoes, breakfast pack

Belek to Cappadocia Tour content

First day

  • Transfer our guests from their hotel
  • Starting an excursion from belek
  • First stop for the breakfast (hotel lunch box)
  • visitng the underground city Saratly
  • Visiting one of the famous villages (Cavusin)
  • Visiting the three beauty valley
  • excursion in goreme city
  • Visiting the open air museum of Goreme
  • Stop for lunch in a restaurant (buffet)
  • Visiting a factory and a store of onyx souvenirs
  • Visiting the ihlara valley
  • Visiting the valley of kizilirmak
  • City tour to Avanos - the center of pottery culture and carpet weaving
  • Check in at 4 star hotel and serving dinner

Second day

  • Trip to the Parade of hot air balloons
  • Flight with ballon over the region sky (1 hour, optional)
  • Return to the hotel -serving breakfast and check-out
  • Excursion to the pottery workshop and gift shop
  • Visiting the pigeons valley- walk, and free time for photo pause
  • Visiting the Karavan-Saray (caravan house)
  • Stop for lunch at the restaurant (buffet)
  • Transfer back to hotels

  • Cappadocia tour from Belek is a busy tour in which comfortable shoes for long walks in the valleys, as well as light clothes, in which should not be hot in the scorching sun, are sure to come in handy. You should definitely bring sunscreen, sunglasses and, of course, cameras for pictures in a picturesque area.

  • Belek Tours can offer the closest swimming place, which is located 300 kilometers from the center of Cappadocia and is a Mediterranean beach in the village of Kızkalesi.

  • Cappadocia tour will be remembered by many for the opportunity to ride a giant hot air balloon, the cost of a flight on which usually starts from 100 to 250 euros per hour. The price varies depending on the season. So, at the height of the tourist season from June to September, the price will be about 250 euros, but if you arrive in May or October, you can ride a balloon for 80-100 euros.

  • Place called Goreme in Cappadocia. This is a miniature Turkish town where a million tourists flock for the sole purpose of seeing the legendary balloon parade in Cappadocia.

  • The Valley of Love in Cappadocia got its name for due to the fact that in the vast territory of the valley there are many rocks of a unique phallic shape. This is a favorite place for couples in love and those who want to get unusual photos for their collection.