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Sea Tours in Belek

Sea excursions from Belek

Turkey impresses with its diverse nature: mountains, sea, lakes, canyons, bays and forests. Stunning scenery and a wide range of excursions for all tastes.

For tourists who love nature, fishing, swimming in the high seas, dream of scuba diving or trying snorkeling - we recommend visiting such a tour "Sea fishing", it is ideal for family holidays with children, for fun companies and even for tourists of old age. Walking on a yacht in the open sea gives you the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, rays of the sun and the scenery, against which you will get stunning pictures. The route lies to the place of fish accumulation, all holidaymakers are given fishing rods and hold a brief briefing. Fishing on the high seas becomes a fun competition. No one has refused to jump off the yacht and swim with masks, consider the underwater world. Every tourist will be interested to spend their leisure time on the high seas.

Sea tours for adults and children.

Suluada Island or Turkish Maldives - a two-deck comfortable ship will send holidaymakers to a real paradise! Walk on the sea, stops for swimming in clear, clean water, snow-white sand on the island and the bay of Love. Suluada Island is stunning, with mineral springs, orange cliffs, through grottoes and even lakes. The pristine beauty of Turkey fascinates and gives tourists beautiful photos.

Walking on the Pirate Ship - a sea adventure will be very popular not only adults, but also children. Everything around is shrouded in fairy tales about pirates, paraphernalia and the design of the ship. The route passes through various bays and stops for swimming in the open sea with masks and the opportunity to get to know the sea dwellers.

Give yourself and your loved ones a sea tale, choose excursions and go on a fascinating adventure.