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Belek Fire of Anatolia show

Belek Fire of Anatolia show moments of the development and formation of Anatolia are transmitted in dances These are unreal, hypnotizing ritual dances of monks-dervishes, and halai, a dance characterized by rhythm and incendiary, and an unusual eastern lezginka, and many other dance composition.

Belek Fire of Anatolia tickets

"Fire of Anatolia" is an impressive project where world-famous dance groups perform regularly and reach a universal level through the power of national culture. We cordially invite you to join this great legendary dance show during your holiday in Belek. Our guests will be given tickets and the opportunity to enjoy a Turkish folk culture performance. The show, which presents both Anatolian and modern dances, will be performed in the Gloria Aspendos Arena, which has a capacity of 4,700 spectators.

Payment after boarding the bus
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Program plan and details

Belek Fire of Anatolia show is the best option for colorful spectacle in the form of a theatrical performance and resting in Turkey. the price of this trip is very cheap and will surprise you, enjoy a special dance that has conquered the hearts of millions of people living on our planet.

Thanks to the skill of the actors and an amazing, unique in its kind, dance performance, proposed by the viewer, conveys a whole incredible, fascinating story, told in an ancient language like the world of dance. The dance ensemble itself is a leader not only in this wonderful country rich in history and culture but also in other countries of the world.

By the number of actors, the team is among the three largest world ensembles. The schedule of the tour is painted for years to come. The main composition of the ballet is 250 professional participants. As a result, the team can simultaneously give three unique views in different parts of the world. The choreography of each performance is the highest level and quality.

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The Fire of Anatolia is listed in the Guinness Book of Records in two categories. The first record is 241 pasts per minute (the fastest performance of the dance number), the second — the largest audience of viewers — simultaneously more than 400,000 gathered in the hall. To date, neither the first nor the second record has been broken.

In Fire of Anatolia in Belek you can see and appreciate yourself the enchanting, colorful, bright shows:

“Troy” is an interpretation of the work of Homer. The story of Erzurum is conveyed in the dance. Fascinating scenario, choreography, staging does not allow us to look away from the stage throughout the entire performance.

With the help of Fire of Anatolia in Belek, you can book all your excursions in Belek free on our website and you will pay when you join the trip such as book fire of Anatolia.

Before Arriving at the arena for the show you will be taken to a restaurant for serving a tasty Turkish dinner.

You can enjoy the show for three hours, and after finishing we will transfer you back for free to your hotels.

The legendary show Of Anatolia Lights from Bogazkent

The legendary show Of Anatolia Lights from Bogazkent - Belek - a delightful dance show conquered not only 85 countries, but also a huge number of presidents, royal families and the greatest individuals. The collective "Lights of Anatolia" introduced almost the whole world to the history of the Eastern people, conveying the essence of the dance. Stunning costumes, scenery and craftsmanship.

Dance show Lights of Anatolia from Kadriye

Dance show Lights of Anatolia from Kadriye – Belek – exciting dances that have conquered the whole world and are twice included in the Guinness Book of Records. Every movement, look, costume tells the viewer the history of the peoples of the East. Rhythmic movements fascinate everyone and transport them through time. Full immersion in the atmosphere, reviving scenery, bright artists and unique dances.

Tour "Lights of Anatolia" from Serik

Tour "Lights of Anatolia" from Serik – Belek – Turkish dance ensemble, won the hearts of viewers in every corner of the world. The dance combines folklore, modern music, amazing scenery, costumes, rapid change of genres and the history of the people. The main cast of the company consists of 120 dancers, they charm every viewer with their crazy energy and skill.

Belek Fire of Anatolia show price list

How Many Age Range Price
1 person  Adult 60€
1 person  Children (4-11) 30€

Belek Fire of Anatolia show Benefits

Belek Fire of Anatolia show is a concert in the Gloria Aspendos Arena, which seats approximately 1,500 people. It is made in antique style and is located near the old city of Aspendos. We provide guests with the most comfortable seats in the hall closer to the center of the stage.

Belek Fire of Anatolia show Tour Details

Tour daysTuesday, Friday
Tour hours 19:00 - 23:00
IncludesFree transfer, insurance, english guide, entrance ticket to show
RecommendedMosquito repellent spray

Belek Fire of Anatolia show Tour content

  • Fire of Anatolia in Belek starts from free transfer from the hotels.
  • Departure to the Arena.
  • The first part of the fire of the Anatolia show.
  • A break between the program.
  • Enjoying the second part of the show.
  • Transfer back to hotels.

  • Fire of Anatolia in Belek will traditionally be held every Friday and every Tuesday. The ensemble again offers its legendary and beloved performances "Troy" based on the poem of the famous Homer and "The Fires of Anatolia", telling about the formation of Turkish culture.

  • Fire of Anatolia in Belek lasts all Friday or Tuesday evening, namely from 16:30 to 23:00. The performance itself lasts two hours, with a break of 15 minutes between performances.

  • Fire of Anatolia in Belek is a legendary ensemble of 120 skilled dancers who have won many awards around the world. Anatolia is one of the most important provinces of the Ottoman lands, where the main rulers were concentrated. The sultans called this place the “heart” of the Ottoman Empire, so it is not surprising that the country's most famous dance ensemble chose such a big name for itself.