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Tour to Israel from Belek

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Program plan and details

We advise you to choose The tour of Israel from Belek because Turkey is an international, hospitable country that welcomes all guests! In order to get acquainted with it takes a lot of time, however, if you want to diversify your vacation and visit somewhere else,
If you are delighted with this tour, we recommend the next to choose the Magnificent Istanbul from Belek, which is located on two continents at the same time, and the centuries-old history of this city has no borders!

A tour to Israel from Belek is an amazing journey on a comfortable shuttle plane that will save you time! A great opportunity to see a new country and broaden your horizons! All-day long you will get acquainted with the famous monuments, sacred places, as well as enjoy nature and swim in the waters of the amazing composition of the Dead Sea! You will hit the road before sunrise on a comfortable bus that will pick you up from the hotel and take you to Ataturk Airport in Antalya. The flight will not take long and you will land at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel.

You will be greeted by an English-speaking guide, accompanied by which you will go to the ancient city of Bethlehem — the place where Jesus Christ was born. You see the Cave and the Basilica of the Nativity, which was founded in 326. This city is home to friendly citizens, and the prices are very reasonable.

The next stage of the tour will be a walk through the old city of Jerusalem. You will visit the path Jesus took to Calvary and the Church of the Resurrection of Christ. Also, you will be able to touch the stone of the anointing on which Jesus' body was prepared for burial. The stone has a healing property from many ailments, even many leaders apply crosses and icons, thus illuminating them.

Next, you will go to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. It was on the Temple Mount that the Lord ordered Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. The Wailing Wall is one of Jerusalem's most important attractions. Here they pray and put notes in the crevices, asking the Lord to carry out the plan. The most pleasant and memorable at the end of the tour will be a visit and swimming in the Dead Sea. Because of the unusual composition of the water, you will not be able to drown or dive, the water will keep you on the surface. The sea is so salty that there are no living sea creatures in it.

If you are delighted with this tour, we recommend the next to choose the Magnificent Istanbul from Belek, which is located on two continents at the same time, and the centuries-old history of this city has no borders!


- Visiting the main attractions in one day -The road will not take long - English-speaking guide - a true professional in his field - Bathing in the Dead Sea -Tasting traditional Israeli cuisine - Energy: There is no such concentration of spiritual life as in Israel anywhere else. - Comfortable temperature - it's always warm. - a lot of fun for any age, and everywhere there are amenities for moms with children.

Tour Details

Tour dayscheck with the manager
Tour hours 03:00 - 24:00
IncludesTransfer to and from the airport, round-the-way flights, insurance, English-speaking guide specializing in Israel, entrance tickets according to the program, lunch and dinner in the restaurant
Excludesdrinks, personal expenses
RecommendedPassport, light comfortable clothes and shoes, hats, sunglasses, cream for/ tan, clothes for visiting temples and holy places (if desired can be purchased on the spot), swimsuits or swimming trunks, towels, water
Adult 200
Children (2 - 12 Ages ) 200
Infants (0 - 1 Ages ) 0

Tour content

  • Transfer of tourists from hotels on comfortable buses
  • Arrival at Ataturk Airport in Antalya, check-in
  • Arrival at Israel's main Ben Gurion airport
  • Meeting with a English-speaking guide and a transfer to Jerusalem
  • Early breakfast
  • A tour of the ancient Bethlehem - the center of pilgrimage and tourism, a visit to the Church of the Nativity, built by Empress Elena
  • Walking through ancient Jerusalem - one of the oldest cities in the world 
  • Lunch
  • Visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where, according to the Scriptures, was crucified, buried, and then resurrected, Jesus Christ
  • Visit to Via Dolorosa is the path that led Jesus Christ to the crucifixion, the uplift to Calvary, one of the main shrines of Christianity
  • A tour of the Temple Mount , the most sacred place for Judaism, as well as a visit to the Western Wall - a symbol of faith and hope of many generations of Jews
  • Bathing in the Dead Sea, one of the saltiest springs in the world
  • Dinner
  • Transfer to Tel Aviv Airport and check-in for return flight to Antalya
  • Return to hotels on comfortable buses

Trip to Israel - spend one day visiting the ancient city, where you will feel at peace. To immerse yourself in this atmosphere you will help beautiful nature and incredible energy of the holy land. On the route, you will get acquainted with the cave of Jesus, the Basilica of the Nativity.