Belek Rafting tour

Belek Rafting tour is a trip that will fascinate you with an exciting adventure and incredible impressions. You will enjoy the variety of alloys, where you combine a calm downhill with unique places where you can admire nature and active passage of obstacles, where adrenaline release is guaranteed to you!

Belek Rafting tour is a very dynamic tour with rafting on a mountain river, during a halt in which you can taste delicious Turkish food!

Payment after boarding the bus
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Program plan and details

Belek Rafting tour is one of the most relaxing moments you can enjoy at a very low price, just book it on our website without any prepayment. Prices and had not changed since last year.

Naturally, a huge adrenaline rush is guaranteed. But worrying about security even if you have no experience with river rafting tours is not worth it. During Belek rafting tour next to you will be real English professionals who will not allow trouble comes to you

Usually, visitors rafting, prefer more diving in Belek which are given in the village of Kemer

The program of Belek Rafting tour:

As for the journey itself, Belek Rafting tour the pleasure will be provided. This is the most exciting (or one of them) and an unforgettable type of adventure that can be experienced while on holiday in Turkey. Absolutely everything is waiting for you, starting from calm, measured rafting on a mountain river, and ending with the overcoming of rapids, with a cloud of spray. You have to raft on multi-seat or special double inflatable boats on the river Koprulu, which flows in the canyon of the same name. During the Belek rafting. After overcoming the obstacles (threshold) you will have time to enjoy in Belek Rafting tour the surrounding landscapes, admire the nature and landscape, enjoy the cleanest air.

Belek Rafting tour price list

How Many Age Range Price
1 person  Adult 18€
1 person  Children (7-12) 9€
1 person  Infants (0-6) 0€

Belek Rafting tour Benefits

Belek Rafting tour - professional guides and instructors and detailed safety training. Together with us, you will acquire useful skills in boat management and team play. Double boats are free (inform the manager in advance when booking the tour)

Belek Rafting tour Tour Details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 08:00 - 18:00
IncludesFree transfer, insurance, equipment, instruction, English-speaking guide instructor, lunch
RecommendedSwimsuit, T-shirt for changing, comfortable shoes for water rides, towels

Belek Rafting tour Tour content

  • ONLY IN OUR COMPANY: 2-seats canoe FREE
  • Belek Rafting tour start from pick-up tourists from the hotels
  • Arriving at Köprülü Canyon for starting
  • Getting helmets and life jackets, briefing
  • Lifting to the point of departure and distribution of boats (there are 2 and 8)
  • River rafting about 3 hours time
  • On the way there are two stops for rest
  • Serving lunch in a restaurant with the valley view
  • Transfer back to hotels

  • Belek Rafting tour cannot do without comfortable clothing, which must fit snugly to the body so as not to catch on branches or other dangerous ledges on the route. Shoes should be comfortable and also fit snugly on the foot, as the fast flow of the river can easily carry them away. You should definitely take with you a change of dry clothes and, of course, protection from the sun.

  • Belek Rafting tour is traditionally carried out 60 kilometers from Belek in the Köprulu National Park, where the most famous and picturesque canyon in the region is located. It is located near Mangavat. As for the river, along which rafting will take place, it is called Kopruchay and has a length of 183 kilometers.

  • Belek Rafting tour is best visited during the months when the air temperature is close to high, since the mountain river, along which the rafting passes, has a rather low temperature and perfectly cools after a sultry day. June, July, August and September are ideal months to visit rafting, but in May or October you can also have a great rest, having previously armed with wetsuits at the base.

  • Belek Rafting tour is a fairly safe and dynamic tour, however, it is worth noting that children at least 3 years old are allowed to rafting, and children under 12 years old should be on the boat only in the presence of their parents. There are no weight restrictions, but you should be careful when visiting the tour for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases or diseases of the respiratory system.