Excursions in Belek with children

Excursions with children in Belek

Belek is located in a stunning place, on one side the Taurus Mountains fence the city from the wind, on the other hand is buried in the greenery of the national reserve. This is the perfect family holiday resort with children. Calm sea, clean beach, fresh air and shade of trees. The region mainly grows cedars, eucalyptus and pine trees, the healing air perfectly tones the body, and the singing of birds as much as possible relaxes. The big plus is that Antalya Airport is located just 25 km from Belek, the road to the hotel will not be tiring for children.

Animation for children

All hotels have a mini-club where parents can leave their children and relax. Experienced animators entertain kids with exciting games and creative activities. There are also babysitting services and while the smallest tourists actively spend time under the supervision of hotel staff, parents can devote time to themselves.

Excursions with children 

Tourists of any age, even the youngest, are interested in getting acquainted with Turkish sights, we offer to pay attention to such excursions:

Rest with children it is quite exciting, we recommend not to limit yourself to beach leisure, if you flew to Turkey, it is worth getting acquainted with local attractions, nature and spend the holidays fun and memorable.