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Hamam on the beach Belek

Hamam on the beach Belek is a bathroom on the beach is a kind of ancient ritual, which is still done with great enjoyment! This ritual is aimed at cleansing the body and soul, improving the external state of the skin. Especially in a proper air-conditioned transition.

Hamam on the beach Belek

Hamam on the beach Belek is a trip to a truly heavenly spa treatments on the Mediterranean beach! A chic look and maximum relaxation are guaranteed.

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Program plan and details

Hamam on the beach Belek is a popular tour for many tourists. Turkey has many Turkish baths because there are a lot of cities wich one is the prettier one. The most beautiful city is Antalya with wonderful and dreamy beaches.

This city is located in the southwest of Turkey. Antalya is located in the southwest of Turkey. The mild climate of the region, along with waterfront resorts, everything that you want to include water entertainment, sunbath, sweam, Hamam Etc make Antalya one of the world's most fun and shore resorts. If you are also planning to travel to Antalya then continue with Belek-tours to discover the beautiful beaches of Antalya.

Our company offers you to travels to the Black coast because of the existence of numerous forests and historic places with other Antalya beaches different. Beautiful Belek shore is located at a distance of 36 kilometers west of Antalya City. Beautiful and calm beaches include off tennis courts, the Crystal Golf course is Tata (Crystal Tat), and a waterfall of Black beach charm.

The breadth of the Black beach is 17 kilometers. You can enjoy the ultimate in water sports. The existence of upscale and unique halls also has caused many young couples to hold their wedding feast on the Black Beach.

Hamam on the beach Belek: another property :

One of the unique characteristics that distinguish this shore from the rest of the beaches is the Hamam on the beach. With this trip, you can take a few hours in the ancient ceremony, which is a long young secret and is happily done by the women of the East. The feature of this Hamam On Beach Belek is that it will know a healing effect, thanks to the appropriate step by step crossing the spa methods. They will help you to relax physically and mentally, improve your inner situation, and change to a positive holiday hobby. Experienced work with you!

If you are wondering that people think of Hamma on the coast, then read reviews! Hamam in Belek, the cost is not so high just necessary for your skin! After this phase method, the skin will shine and become soft, and tan won't fall perfectly. Your skin will shine after treatment, and the touch will be soft and silky! The secret is that with the help of Hamama clean skin of old epithelial cells, thus allowing the skin to breathe.

Hamam on the beach Belek: details of the program:

  • First, in Hamam on the beach Belek you will visit the sauna, where you heat up your body, which allows enough skin vapor and it would be ready for more methods.
  • After it comes to the peeling method of Turkey, it is made with the help of a special gloves Kesse, which is burnt from cotton and clay. He is also a great helper in combating cellulite, and thanks to a special massage technique you will rest.
  • The next step is the foam massage. You will be immersed in a real cloud of foam from head to toe. The foam is made of olive oil whipping in a bag.
  • Next, you will find a massage with organic oils and a tea party in the salon.

At the end of all stages, you'll feel full of power, the energy that you need for new adventures, and active entertainment. You also feel that if you load up with all the problems off your shoulders and there will be a tendency to expand your horizons. The skin will be thoroughly prepared to take the sunbath.

Lying only on the shore is useless. You can lie on the deck of a boat and use the warm sun and the great weather of the Mediterranean Sea. We introduce you to the sea fishing in Belek tour. Our website provides a complete explanation of sightseeing and prices.

The traditional hammam on the beach in Bogazkent

The traditional hammam on the beach in Bogazkent - Belek is a special kind of holiday for tourists. All relaxing procedures are carried out by first-class craftsmen, so be sure that you will get a huge pleasure from the services rendered. And after all the procedures you will find a relaxation zone, where you can enjoy fragrant Turkish coffee or herbal tea.

Turkish bath on the beach from Kadriye

Turkish bath on the beach from Kadriye - Belek. It is impossible to imagine a holiday in Turkey without visiting a hammam. Experience the oldest bath traditions of this colorful country. The spa is famous for its menthol room, inherited from ancient times procedures for rejuvenation, beauty and health improvement and uses exclusively natural care products.

Hamam on the beach in Serik

Hamam on the beach in Serik - Belek. Soak up the warm marble sunbed, immerse yourself in the luxury of aroma oils, professional masseurs will work every inch of the body, all this for the sake of your relaxation and pleasure. Modern, combined with traditional, procedures will help improve the state of the body and overall health, prepare the skin for a smooth tan before the holiday.

Hamam on the beach Belek price list

How Many Age Range Price
1 person  Adult 20€
1 person  Children (7-12) 10€

Hamam on the beach Belek Benefits

Hamam on the beach Belek is a Turkish bath that is of great benefit to the human body. After such spa treatments, the skin will become velvety and moisturized. The atmosphere of comfort helps relieve stress and calm the nervous system. You will improve your health and see the result after the first visit. The tan will fit perfectly on cleansed, moisturized skin.

Hamam on the beach Belek Tour Details

Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours 09:00 — 18:00
IncludesTransfer from Hotel, insurance, towels, procedures according to the program, tea, or coffee.
ExcludesExtra services
RecommendedSwimsuit, towel, don't forget to take this program on the first days of your holiday.

Hamam on the beach Belek Tour content

  • Hamam on the beach Belek start from transfer from hotels by comfortable car or bus.
  • Arrival at the sauna and enjoying the dry heat.
  • Warming up the body in the steam room (20 min)
  • Visiting the menthol steam room (20 min)
  • Peeling a Special Glove by (Kese)
  • Foam massage (20 minutes)
  • Relaxing Body Massage with Organic Oil (20 min)
  • Rest over a cup of fragrant coffee or tea.
  • transfer Back to Hotels.

  • Hamam on the beach Belek has such great advantages as the opportunity to take a steam bath with a beautiful view of the sea, the opportunity to receive a cleansing peeling with a special “kese” mitten and even a relaxing foam massage. Also, the program may include a special “fish” spa procedure with the participation of a special type of small fish, after which a cleansing clay mask is usually applied.

  • Hamam on the beach Belek differs from the usual hamam in that all procedures take place right on the picturesque beach. Therefore, tourists have a unique opportunity to enjoy both a relaxing treatment and aesthetically pleasing scenery.

  • Hamam on the beach Belek is not recommended for pregnant women, as well as those with bronchial asthma, epilepsy and infectious diseases.