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Turkish bath Peloid in Belek

Turkish bath Peloid in Belek is a number of procedures will help your body to prepare for rest and get well, which will affect your appearance.

Turkish bath Peloid in Belek is the most complete spa service in Turkey! This tour will help you relax and gain strength.

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Program plan and details

Turkish bath Peloid in Belek is an unforgettable experience and a real holiday for your body. Having passed all the procedures, you will feel a significant result, not only from the outside but also inside! We offer you Veep Turkish bath Peloid!

The luxury program Turkish bath Peloid in Belek as well as the standard includes a visit: a warm steam sauna, where the body warms up well, and the skin will be fresh and soft, ready for further procedures. After that, you will visit the salt room, where you will recover and improve the condition of your skin. Next, you will find a procedure for deep cleansing of the skin - peeling, which is performed by a special glove "Kese.”

 Lying on a hot stone during Turkish bath Peloid in Belek that will help warm your body from the inside, you will be immersed in a foam cloud from head to toe and massage, olive oil is whipped in a special bag and it turns into foam, thanks to this procedure — your skin will get rid of the old layer cells and will become soft, and the tan will fall perfectly smoothly. Professional massage therapists will give you a relaxing massage and then an exotic Thai massage, which has become very popular recently. Later, to consolidate you will visit a mud pool with healing clay, you can wash it off in an outdoor cooling pool. By the way, the contrast shower is very useful and has many advantages.

In the end, you will enjoy a fragrant Turkish tea, which has a whole history and cook it for half an hour. Reviews about the Turkish bath Peloid in Belek you can easily find on the Internet, and the prices are presented on our website. Do not deny yourself, let your holiday be beautiful in everything! And it starts right.

And after such excellent procedures, it is time to go to the conquest of historical attractions. One of these will be a one-day tour of Pamukkale from Belek.

Turkish bath Peloid in Bogazkent

Turkish bath Peloid in Bogazkent - Belek - can improve sleep and calm the nervous system. The main attributes of the Turkish bath are hot steam, marble sunbeds and cold water, which has a beneficial effect on the skin condition, essential oils that nourish and moisturize the skin during massage. The health benefits of visiting a Turkish bathhouse are obvious.

Peloid spa complex in Kadriye

Peloid spa complex in Kadriye - Belek - what could be better than a bath? Only a Turkish bath. Here you can rest not only the body, but also the soul. A wide range of relaxing services, including massage, will be able to get everyone who will visit this bath. In Turkish hammam you can improve your health, get positive emotions. Your skin will shine after these treatments.

Hamam Peloid in Serik

Hamam Peloid in Serik - Belek - is not just a sauna, it is a set of measures aimed at improving the health of your skin and the body as a whole. In addition to the marble room warmed steam, you will find a salt room and baths with mud saturated with minerals, peeling mitt "asse" and massage fluffy foam. Well, what a bath holiday without fragrant Turkish tea!

Turkish bath Peloid in Belek price list

How Many Age Range Price
1 person  Adult 25€
1 person  Children (5-12) 13€

Turkish bath Peloid in Belek Benefits

Turkish bath Peloid in Belek - the comfortable temperature in a Turkish bath is incapable of harming the human body. Suitable for all ages without exception. The modern bath complex surpasses the standard hamam in its number of procedures. Additional services included

Turkish bath Peloid in Belek Tour Details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 10:00 - 18:00
IncludesTransfer, insurance, procedures under the program, tea, water, individual towels
Excludesextra services

Turkish bath Peloid in Belek Tour content

Turkish bath Peloid in Belek have a different programms:

Program 1

  • Transfer from the hotel
  • Salt Room (15 minutes)
  • Cleansing peeling and foam massage (20 minutes)
  • Relaxing oil massage (20 minutes)
  • Mud Pool (20 minutes) and outdoor pool
  • Tea Party
  • Return to the Hotel

Program 2

  • Individual transfer
  • Visiting a steam sauna to warm up the body (30 minutes)
  • Salt Room (15 minutes, useful for strengthening the immune system)
  • Cleansing peeling and foam massage (20 minutes)
  • Relaxing oil massage (20 minutes)
  • Exotic Thai Massage (20 minutes)
  • Visiting a mud pool (20 minutes) and swimming in the outdoor pool
  • Rest in the lounge (tea party)

  • Turkish bath Peloid in Belek involves a special washing sequence that turns the hammam trip not just into a cleansing procedure, but into a whole ritual to cleanse both body and soul. First of all, in the hammam, preliminary steaming is performed, then the skin is peeled with the help of a special “kese” mitt, after which the procedure ends with a magnificent relaxing foam massage.

  • Turkish bath Peloid in Belek is carried out at a fairly high temperature, namely in the range from 35 to 50 degrees. Therefore, those visitors who do not tolerate high temperatures are better off refraining from visiting this institution.

  • Turkish bath Peloid in Belek will show customers that its main difference from the Russian bath is that the air temperature in the hamam is felt much higher due to the increased humidity in the rooms. Another difference is that Turkish baths have a very beautiful design and their own special traditional style of bathing.

  • Turkish bath Peloid in Belek is open to all guests who do not have respiratory or nervous system diseases and tolerate heat well. Pregnant women should refrain from visiting this place.