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Antalya city tour from Belek

Antalya city tour from Belek - this tour will give you a chance to have an interesting journey, visiting the sights, monuments of architecture, ancient buildings, you will enjoy the views of the city, while visiting the panorama, with a yacht tour you will get a lot of emotions that you will never forget!

sightseeing tour of Antalya from Belek

Antalya city tour from Belek is a magnificent combination of rich nature and centuries-old Turkish history in one tour, which is perfect for exploring the country.

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Program plan and details

Antalya city tour from Belek is an amazing offer from our travel agency. This is a very interesting and entertaining journey that you will never forget and You will get acquainted with Turkey, its history, culture, and local traditions. Most tourists visit it, it is full of historical sights and architectural monuments. In addition, you will enchant its picturesque landscapes of nature and the Mediterranean Sea. Excursion to Antalya city from Belek is a rich program, informative and not tiring.

The program of Antalya city tour from Belek :

This excursion starts from Hadrian’s Gate, which serves as the entrance to the ancient city. The gates were built in the city wall from durable snow-white marble, which has been preserved to this day. The gate is a two-story-high house and is designed in the form of a triple arch portal. They serve as the border between the old and the new city.

Walking through the ancient narrow streets of the Kaleici district, you will feel their comfort and hospitality and fall in love with old houses decorated with flowers and ivy. You will get to the observation deck, which offers a fantastic view of the city beach and the old port.

Near the port is the highest minaret in the city that is called Yivli, next to which there are a mosque and an observation deck with a fabulously beautiful view of the old houses with tiled roofs. In the Antalya sightseeing tour from Belek, You will see the Kesik minaret, which is located near the ancient temple of St. Peter. He received serious damage in the XIX century, but still enjoys great popularity among tourists.

Antalya city tour from Belek will introduce you to the Düden Waterfall, which plunges its waters into the Mediterranean Sea from a height of 40 meters. There are areas for photoshoots with beautiful views, and on the territory of the waterfall, there is a nice green park where you can walk and relax! We will also visit the huge picturesque waterfall Upper Düden, which is outside of Antalya and walk there through the beautiful park.

The program of Antalya city tour from Belek also includes a tour by cable car to the mountain of Tünektepe, from where you can watch amazing views of the city, the sea, and the mountains! even we have a boat trip on the sea and along the famous coasts, where you can admire the sea spaces and the coasts!

In the price of the tour also a tasty Turkish lunch is included. After ordering the Excursion to Antalya from Belek, you will have a big chance to get unforgettable impressions, learn a lot of new and interesting things, and feel the spirit of this magnificent city!

You can also get information about our famous Perge-Aspendos tour from Belek to get acquainted with other famous and historic cities in Turkey

For more information about the tour, it's enough to book it for free and after 10 minutes our managers will contact you and they will answer all of your questions.

The tour to Antalya from Bogazkent

The tour to Antalya from Bogazkent to Belek is only an hour's drive and you are already at the Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, which combines the sophistication of the East and the restraint of Europe, interesting historical sights and the beauty of nature. Take a walk through the old city, to the cascading waterfall and climb on the cable car to the peak of Mount Tinektepe 681 meters high on the observation deck.

One day in Antalya from Kadriye

One day in Antalya from Kadriye - Belek - a modern and beautiful city combines many historical attractions. Hadrian's Gate, minarets, richly decorated mosque Murat Pasha as an echo of the past life in different eras. We will visit the pride of any antholier - Duden Falls, the upper tier of which reaches 20 meters. And at the end of the day we will take a sea walk.

The sights of Antalya Serik

The sights of Antalya Serik – Belek. Only 40 kilometers away is the most popular resort in Turkey. We will visit the famous Duden waterfalls: Upper and Lower. Take the funicular up to the top of mount Tunektepe, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the entire southern coast, and take a leisurely walk around the Old town. A boat trip will be the perfect end to the day.

Antalya city tour from Belek price list

How Many Age Range Price
1 person  Adult 25€
1 person  Children (6-11) 15€

Antalya city tour from Belek Benefits

Antalya city tour from Belek is an opportunity to get acquainted with the center of the Mediterranean resort region, its richest historical and cultural heritage. Maximum attractions in one program, without wasting time on tedious shopping. Accompaniment by professional guides who are fluent in Russian.

Antalya city tour from Belek Tour Details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:00 — 16:00
Includestransfer , insurance, professional english-speaking guide, all entrance tickets, lunch.
Excludesdrinks, tickets to cable car Tünektepe
RecommendedComfortable clothes and shoes, hats, sun cream and sunglasses

Antalya city tour from Belek Tour content

  • Antalya from Belek - a sightseeing city tour will begin from pick-up of tourists from the hotels of the region and meeting with the guide;
  • departure along the route to the sights of the Mediterranean capital of Turkey;
  • excursion to the Lower Duden waterfalls (or Karpuzkaldyran), where the river flows into the sea;
  • visit to a colorful shop of national Turkish souvenirs;
  • walk to the famous Duden waterfall;
  • stop for lunch at a restaurant that serves national oriental dishes;
  • arrival at the pier and start sightseeing boat tour on a yacht along the coast of the "Mediterranean Riviera";
  • visit cable car Tyunektepe (618 meters high) - optional;
  • arrival to the old town of Antalya Kaleichi - a sightseeing tour of the most famous sights: Hadrian's Gate, Yivli and Kesik minarets, etc.;
  • time for a walk and meeting with famous places of the territory - 1 hour 30 minutes;
  • meeting of the participants at the bus and return to the hotels.

  • Antalya city tour from Belek will help the guests of the city choose the most delicious and fresh sweets that are traditionally sold at Sunday bazaars, the most famous of which is called Muratpasha, which is located at the Sigorta stop. In general, in any area of the city you can find your own small markets where you can buy sweets. Among the stores are Sorbet Delight Sport and Kardelen Lokum Sekerleme.

  • Antalya city tour from Belek assures that the best vacation takes place on the popular beaches of the city. For example, Lara beach is the widest and has all the necessary infrastructure and clean sand for a comfortable stay. Another great place is Mermerli Beach, which was one of the first to appear in the city.

  • Antalya city tour from Belek assumes the need to move from Antalya airport directly to the city, and for this you need to take buses No. 600 and No. 800, which run every 30 minutes during the day and every hour at night. Buses will take tourists to Terminals 1 and 2, depending on where the flight is departing from. The drivers are also fluent in English and will be able to help guests find their way.