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Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Belek

Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Belek - we invite you to a fascinating tour, where you will get bright emotions and will remain under a pleasant impression for a long time. Just imagine, you will be able to see: Beautiful places, ancient monuments and even feel like a bird during the flight.

Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Belek

Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Belek is a trip to the most famous "turtle beach" in Turkey, where the lucky ones can also see real blue crabs.

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Program plan and details

Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Belek - you can experience mix two options.include of relaxation and to see interesting historical places and beautiful corners of the country. One of the most fascinating beaches that we offer to you this city. The name of the shore means the Dead Sea as well-known as Blue swamp. Olomouc is also one of the most beautiful coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea.

After stressful days everyone needs peace of mind and relaxation, which can be experienced by lying on the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean and watching the beauty of those quiet and far from crowded moments. We offer you the Green canyon tour.

The quiet seaside in the mountains and the Blue Lagoon is the best place to relax. It is a coastal Rigi, and since the Blue Skunk is natural, it is totally forbidden to make any construction here. This beach's reputation is due to turquoise and light blue. Also, in this Blue Flag coast(this flag at the beach represents a high standard of water). More recently, the shore is also located among the top five beaches in the world. Our company is your side to build the best moments. The price of Two days tour Oludeniz, Fethiye and Dalyan from Belek is very cheap.

To do so, enough to reserve a low-cost tour of Oludeniz and Dalian for two days of Belek. The distance from Belek to Oludeniz is 240 kilometers, Dalian 293 kilometers, but with our guides, you will not even notice it. The tour will start for you almost the first minute of the departure. The travel bus is as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Program of Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Belek includes:

  • Walk from among the longest and most profound valley of Turkey, Saandkent.
  • Visit the tombs of Lysin in Fethiye;
  • Visit the Lycian eatery tombs
  • Visiting the ghost village of Kayakoi;
  • See Tolee and walking on the Blue Lagoon;
  • A yacht trip along Dalyan River to the famous Turtle Beach;
  • Visit the Flower hospital where you can set the following procedure.

After Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Belek, a good solution is to visit the plot of Imam in black and white. With choice Olyudeniz and Dalian from Belek Tour, you can explore Salkent Canyon is the second largest strait in Europe. Its depth arrives in some locations 1000 m, length-18 kilometers. The strait looks like a hidden city and it's just true.

In Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Belek The canyon is surrounded by high rocks that almost don't lose the sun's rays. That's why water is very cold in all seasons. Tomb of Lycian carved back into the stone in the town of Fethiye. The tomb of the Shah Adora is characterized by its richness and striking size. Kayakoyu is a village of Spirit located in a beautiful hill near Fethiye. The resettlement of Ancient Greece attracts the attention of tourists. Walk through the streets of a vibrant time village, you see not only the ruins but also a well-preserved house, built in a prestigious style, the churches. The Unique, exotic, scenic location of the beautiful Oludeniz attracted by its amazing beach.

Here are fans of paraglider come from all over the world. You will also have the opportunity to fly a paraglider and view the surroundings of the height. Dalian, with Rivulets, the so-called “Venice of Turkey. This is here the only place where blue crabs live (fresh juice). You have the opportunity to try what they like to taste. The cruise boat will take you to another amazing location-the Turtle Beach, which houses a great turtle, mentioned in the Red Book-Caretta-Caretta.

Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Bogazkent

Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Bogazkent - Belek - begin with a visit to the tomb of Aintas carved right into a steep rock and the mysterious village of the ghost kayaks shrouded in many mysteries. Then tourists will get acquainted with blue crabs and huge turtles Of Caretta-caretta, which will give a storm of unforgettable emotions and swimming on the turtle beach.

2 days in Oludesiniz and Dalyan from Kadriye

2 days in Oludesiniz and Dalyan from Kadriye - Belek - this excursion will be a vivid memory of every tourist. Scenic views, historical sites and monuments, paragliding in the sky like a bird are all that awaits you the next two days in Oludenis and Dalyan. The two-day trip will leave a bright and positive imprint in the heart of every tourist.

A two-day tour of Oludenis and Dalyan from Serik

A two-day tour of Oludenis and Dalyan from Serik- Belek - a yacht ride along the lake past the famous Lycian tombs to the beach, loved by the huge turtles of Caretta Caretta, which travelers will see 100% and catching blue crabs. Rest in the Blue Lagoon and paragliding from Mount Babadag over the Valley of Butterflies, Saklykent Canyon and Olumeniz Bay will make the rest the most eventful.

Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Belek price list

How Many Age Range Price
1 person  Adult 85€
1 person  Children (7-12) 43€

Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Belek Benefits

Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Belek is a tour in which we offer a comfortable transfer on comfortable air-conditioned buses designed for long distance travel. During the tour, special attention is paid to the safety of guests related to the coronavirus: thorough disinfection, mobile antiseptics, protective masks

Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Belek Tour Details

Tour daysSaturday
Tour hours 04:00-20:00
IncludesTransfer, insurance, English guide, a boat tour on the Dalyan River, Entrance ticket to Attractions, visiting the Peloid Hamam, lunches and dinners (drinks for a fee), hotel Entrance, breakfast at the hotel (tea and coffee included).
ExcludesDrinks, paragliding over the Oludeniz Bay (70€), sunbeds on the beaches of Oludeniz and Iztuzu, blue crab, hotel accommodation in a single room (10 €).
RecommendedSwimsuit, Sun cream, sunglasses, headgear, comfortable clothing and shoes, money for personal expenses.

Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Belek Tour content

First Day:

  • Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Belek start from free transfer from Hotel
  • Visiting Saklikent Canyon
  • Lunch in an Amazing local restaurant
  • Excursion to the Lycian rock tombs in Fethiye
  • Trip to the ghost town of Kayakoy
  • Visit the Oludeniz Bay
  • Paragliding over the Oludeniz Bay (optional)

Second Day:

  • Travel to Dalyan
  • Boat Tour on Dalyan River, along with the ancient city of Kaunos
  • Stop For watching the blue crabs and loggerhead turtles
  • Arrive at Iztuzu Beach
  • Visit the Peloid Hamam
  • Visit a local wine cellar and souvenir shop
  • Transfer back to Hotels

  • Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Belek will show the famous river Dalyan, on the banks of which the legendary Lycian tombs are located, not so long as the rest of the rivers of Turkey and has a length of just over 10 km. Taking its origins from the full-flowing mountain lake Koycegiz, it gradually flows into the sea along the way, feeding a huge number of local farms with its waters.

  • Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Belek will introduce tourists to the most famous beach that only exists on the Dalyan River, namely Iztuzu Beach, which is known all over the world for its amazing fauna - blue crabs and Kareta-Kareta turtles.

  • Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Belek are best visited during the so-called “velvet season”. This is the time period from the beginning to mid-October, when the air temperature will be as comfortable as possible for long walks, and the weather will please with the absence of exhausting summer heat.

  • Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Belek within the tour will tell the story that the name Oludeniz can be translated as “dead sea”. It was given to the village because waves are extremely rare in this area, and in general the water is very calm. As for the city of Dalyan, it got its name in honor of the nearby river of the same name.

  • Oludeniz and Dalian for two days from Belek is a great trip for the whole family. Of course, any vacationer has a question “where to stay in Oludeniz?”. That is why it is worth talking about the best hotels in the resort. Suncity Hotel - Beach Club, which has 4 stars and has all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay, will be an excellent place for a family vacation. Mountain lovers are advised to consider Montana Pine Resort - All Inclusive with scenic views and a private pool. There is a place to walk on a warm romantic evening in Oludeniz. A beautiful beach called Blue Lagoon beckons all lovers of beautiful sunsets. Another great idea for a walk will be a pilgrimage along the Lycian Way, namely from the village of Faralya to the Pirate Bay, where you can even spend the night in a tent. Another important question for vacationers is how to change money in Oludeniz. To do this, simply pay in dollars or euros in local stores and get change in local lira. Moreover, there is always a Change office near any large store or hotel.