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Buggy safari in Belek

Buggy Safari in Belek is an amazing excursion. During the mini-journey, you can drive yourself and listen to fascinating stories, feel like a real traveler, and a trailblazer. Turkey will open from a completely different side to you!

Buggy safari in Belek

Buggy safari in Belek is a dynamic journey that can be taken alone or with a passenger in a double buggy.

Payment after boarding the bus
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Program plan and details

Buggy safari in Belek has become one of the most common forms of entertainment in Turkey. What is it? Ride at high speed through the valley. You can drive on a simple road, listen to fascinating stories about the area, its sights, and incredible adventures.

Key facts about a buggy safari in Belek:

Active tour with notes of safe extreme deserves the best reviews. Because it combines adrenaline, speed, cognition. In total, the tour lasts three hours: this time is enough to enjoy it, but not to get tired. As our company fully provides for your needs, we organize your transfer to the place where the cross begins.

You don't have to have a driver's license or be a "God's driver" in order for you to get behind the wheel of a small car in Turkey. A special staff member conducts a briefing before the start of the trip through the valley. At the same time, you are told how to drive open machines, and show everything you have to remember. But there is nothing complicated about it. For those who do not like to drive on their own, we organize an equally exciting tour of the jeep safari in Belek

During the tour, you make several stops. This is necessary first of all so that you can relax and stretch. But other than that you can do gorgeous photo buggies and your journey.

Buggy safari in Belek: What is buggy?

The name of the entertainment came from the name of the machine, which is used in this case. It is a small, miniature car with almost a fully open cab. The distinctive features of the vehicle: passability and durability. It is easy to manage, but to reach high speed is not difficult. The machine can not boast of a capacity: it is designed mainly for two people.

Each trip is led by a guide, who is responsible for the information equipment and safety of all tourists. You certainly do not get bored: the routes are developed on mountainous terrain, so sharp descents and rapid ascents will not allow you to fall asleep. So with auto-cross in Turkey, you get positive emotions, informative information. Hear the legends around these places, which are imbued with mysticism, romance, and a bit of madness.

The choice of clothes is yours: from swimsuit to pants. It all depends on your desire (or unwillingness) to sunbathe or burn. Judge by the type of skin. Reviews of the safari buggy in Belek each time describe emotions, a lot of adrenaline, and inspiration. Such a tour wants to repeat from time to time. You can change only a little route. 

Buggy Safari in Bogazkent

Buggy Safari in Bogazkent - Belek is a driving adventure on an all-terrain, frisky typewriter. To reduce steam and get a lot of positive impressions can be riding off-road and overcoming mud obstacles or even mountain rivers. The experience of driving is of no importance, a detailed briefing before the race, will allow to drive buggy even children over 12 years.

The buggy cars in Kadriye

The buggy cars in Kadriye - Belek are an active and insanely interesting journey in SUVs. You don't need special skills to manage this mode of transport. You will be able to see Turkey from a completely different angle. A little extreme and adrenaline obviously does not hurt. Fresh air, vivid impressions and informative stories will make this tour unforgettable.

Off-road buggy from Serik

Off-road buggy from Serik - Belek - three-hour excursion on which everyone will get his portion of adrenaline. Buggy is a car with a high passability and an open cabin. During the trip, tourists will enjoy the speed and delightful nature of Turkey, will make several stops for photos and videos. It is absolutely safe and strictly supervised by an instructor.

Buggy safari in Belek price list

How Many Age Range Price
1 person  Passenger 10€
1 person  Adult 35€

Buggy safari in Belek Benefits

Buggy safari in Belek are modern buggy cars with comfortable controls. Detailed instructions and training race at the base. Full protective equipment. Now an even longer and more exciting off-road track in the Taurus Mountains. Comfortable transfer with check-in to the hotel.

Buggy safari in Belek Tour Details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 10:00 - 16:00
Includestransfer, coaching, test-drive, protective equipment, English-speaking guide-instructor
Excludesdrinks, professional photos and videos
Recommendedcomfortable shoes and change clothes, which do not mind getting dirty, hats and sunglasses

Buggy safari in Belek Tour content

  • Buggy safari in Belek - the tour starts from the transfer of tourists from hotels in the region
  • Arrival at the buggy-base in the mountains
  • Detailed briefing and information about the rules for driving - 20 min
  • Test-drive on the territory of the base - 20 min Start of the buggy ride along the 20 km long track
  • The first part of the route on mountain off-road
  • Photo break on the mountain river, rest and time for photography - 15 min
  • The second part of the off-road safari on a buggy
  • Total driving time - 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Return to buggy-base
  • Way back to hotels


  • Buggy drivers must be 17 years old or older
  • Can not go on tour pregnant women and tourists in a alcoholic intoxication
  • According to the safety rules, forbidden to take mobile phones and other equipment to the road

  • Buggy safari in Belek will introduce tourists to such interesting vehicles as buggies. Buggies are small and light vehicles that are designed for hard-to-reach terrain and off-road driving. Often these are open cab cars that are ideal for tourist purposes and exploring picturesque natural locations.

  • Buggy safari in Belek will help travelers decide which is best for them: a buggy or an ATV. The first differences between these two vehicles will be felt by avid motorists, since the buggies have exactly the car fit and driving style, while the ATV has a pronounced motorcycle fit. In addition, due to the massive metal frame, which is not available on ATVs, buggies are considered safer for dynamic driving. Also, the buggy can be called more spacious due to the luggage and the volume of the cabin.

  • Buggy safari in Belek is a great entertainment for young people from 16 years old who want to participate in the port of drivers, as even travelers without a license and driving experience are allowed to it. It is quite safe, since each car undergoes regular technical inspection and is often checked for malfunctions, and before leaving, customers are given a safety briefing and protective helmets are issued. You can travel as passengers from the age of 6.