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Pamukkale two days from Belek

Pamukkale two days from Belek is a tour with an English-speaking guide, which our travel agency offers everyone to plunge into an incredible atmosphere of natural harmony and beauty. The name of the area means "cotton castle" in Turkish.

White Cotton Castle

Pamukkale two days from Belek is a unique tour that will give you more time to get acquainted with the "eighth wonder of the world" and tell the most interesting stories about it!

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Program plan and details

Pamukkale two days from Belek is a tour with an English-speaking guide, which our travel agency offers everyone to plunge into an incredible atmosphere of natural harmony and beauty. The name of the area in Turkish means "cotton castle".

The reason is simple - if you look at Pamukkale from afar, you get the feeling that you look at a large cotton box, full of fluffy fluff. Other names - "Cleopatra pool" because according to legend it was here that the legendary queen from Egypt drew her beauty. The 2-day tour in Pamukkale from Belek is one of the most popular tours, which has become a kind of calling card for Turkey.

Detailed information about Pamukkale two days from Belek:

This city is located in southwestern Turkey. The remoteness of the resort from Fethiye or Antalya is small - only 175 kilometers. Getting here from anywhere in the country is quite easy, as there is always transport. The tour usually includes:

  • Visit the ancient city of Hierapolis. The ancient Roman resort city, from which now there are only ruins, in its best years enjoyed success among the nobility. They came here to treat health problems.
  • Walking on the mountainside and swimming in thermal springs. The complex is available to visitors from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Pools with water have medicinal properties, as the water in them has a high level of natural ionization, is saturated with useful trace elements - calcium, magnesium. It is pleasantly located, as it feels like some tourists compare it to a bath with champagne.
  • The two-day trip also features comfortable overnight accommodation at a local hotel close to the white terraces. For more information on the trip and how much it costs to tour from Pamukkale from Belek, please check with the manager who oversees the tour. If you don't want to spend two days of rest, we also suggest Pamukkal excursions for a day.

Pamukkale two days from Belek: How to get to Pamukkale from Belek?

There are several ways to get there on your own. For example, rent a car or drive to your destination by bus. Such international routes are available from almost all major resort cities - Istanbul, Marmaris, Ankara, or Antalya. You can also get to the nearby town of Denizli if you take a train ticket from Izmir. However, it is still not as convenient as a trip on an organized tour, as there is no need to worry about the bus schedule.

Pamukkale two days from Belek: When its best time for trip Pamukkale for 2 days:

Pamukkale is a year-round resort, but the most favorable months to visit are October-November and March-May. The weather in this city in March is the mildest and warmest. In summer it can be very hot, and in winter the temperature reaches 12 degrees Celsius. Keep in mind that travertines should be walking without shoes barefoot, that in winter and summer it is very uncomfortable.

A 2-day excursion to Pamukkale is a great occasion to have a good weekend, to relax, get a lot of new impressions, and enjoy the natural beauty. Numerous positive reviews about this trip from tourists confirm that such a holiday is suitable for all - and couples, and lovers of active pastime.

Pamukkale from Bogazkent

Pamukkale from Bogazkent to Beleke. Legend has it that the titans forgot the dried cotton under the sun, and it turned into snow-white travertine Pamukkale. The composition of stalactites, around the frozen volcano next to the ruins of the city of Ierapolis, the amphitheater and ancient Roman baths. In these places loved to visit Cleopatra, for the sake of healing sources.

A two-day tour of Pamukkala from Kadriye

A two-day tour of Pamukkale from Kadriye to Belek, visit the Cotton Castle with our guides, who will tell you a lot of interesting information and help you experience a fabulous atmosphere. You can feel yourself alone with the nature of Pamukkale. Beautiful photos, improved well-being and a great mood are exactly guaranteed.

Tour in Pamukkale for 2 days from Serik

Tour in Pamukkale for 2 days from Serik - Belek - the snow-white mountain is always beautiful, but in the morning or evening sun looks just magical. You will have enough free time to explore the travertine surface, slowly walk along the Ierapolis, go down the steps to the arena of the theater and plunge into the mineral springs of natural baths.

Pamukkale two days from Belek price list

How Many Age Range Price
1 person  Adult 80€
1 person  Children (4-8) 45€

Pamukkale two days from Belek Benefits

Pamukkale two days from Belek is an excursion in a comfortable bus, which will start from the moment the transport departs, thanks to the high professionalism of the guides accompanying the trip. Minimum number of stops at shops during the tour. The price includes hotel accommodation and entrance tickets to attractions

Pamukkale two days from Belek Tour Details

Tour daysWednesday
Tour hours 05:00 - 19:00
Includestransfer, English-speaking guide service, hotel accommodation, breakfast and dinner in hotel (with tea and coffee drinks), insurance
Excludeslunches, drinks, entrance to Cleopatra Pool , to red thermal springs of Carhait, in Pamukkale ang Hierapolis, single room in hotel
Recommendedcomfortable shoes, swimsuits and towels, light jackets, sunscreen and glasses, lunch box from hotel (order on reception the day before the tour)

Pamukkale two days from Belek Tour content

First day:

  • Pamukkale two days from Belek - the tour begins from departure of tourists from hotels in the region
  • Departure along the route and a panoramic photo-break in the Denizli region
  • Breakfast (you can bring your own lunch boxes from the hotel)
  • Pause in an authentic local textile workshop
  • Lunch at a national local restaurant
  • Arrival at the hotel and check-in to the rooms
  • Departure for paragliding in Pamukkale: the opportunity to fly with a parachute over snow-white travertines (optional)
  • Pamukkale cotton castle tour - meeting with white terraces and mineral water travertines
  • Free time for a walk and sightseeing of natural attractions and photo
  • Swimming in Cleopatra's pool with rejuvenating mineral water(optional)
  • Tour of the ancient city of Hierapolis: ancient buildings and structures, an amphitheater, agora, the largest necropolis - the city of the dead etc.
  • Return to hotels and dinner at the restaurant

Second day:

  • Breakfast in the hotel (coffee, tea incl)
  • Departure to the area of ​​balloons: the opportunity to fly in a hot air balloon in Pamukkale (optional)
  • Check-out from the rooms and departure on the return route of the tour
  • Visit to the red thermal hot springs of Karkhait (entrance and swimming - optional)
  • Break to an authentic Turkish winery and free tasting of products
  • Stop at the shop of national souvenirs handmade of onyx and other natural stones
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Return to the hotels of the region

  • Pamukkale two days from Belek is a very active trip, which involves long walks in a group, so you should dress as lightly and comfortably as possible, and you should have light shoes on your feet that fit tightly to your feet. You need to bring your own swimwear to dive into Cleopatra's pool, a towel, sun protection in the form of sunscreen, a hat and a light cape on the shoulders.

  • Pamukkale two days from Belek will show visiting tourists that many thermal resorts are located along the picturesque coast of the Mediterranean or Aegean Sea. Pamukkale itself is located just 20 kilometers from the city of Denizli. However, this distance is not as close as we would like. The closest seaside resort to the attraction is Kusadasi (183 km), of the most popular places among Russian tourists, the Aegean Marmaris is the closest to Pamukkale (210 km).

  • Pamukkale two days from Belek is a paradise quite remote from the mass resorts, but the closest thing to get here is from Kusadasi, because the distance to it is only 183 kilometers. You can also go from Marmaris, because its distance from Pamukkale is also small - 210 km.