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Turkish Bath Belek

Turkish Bath in Belek the best tour to start your holiday in Turkey. We suggest you choose the Turkish Hamam on the first days of your holiday because your skin will get ready to sunbathe and your skin will be beautifully colored all personnel actions are professionally So that your skin will live and breathe. Book now for massage and pay when you join the trip.

Belek Turkish hamam

Belek Turkish hamam is the newest modern complex aimed at deep relaxation and restoration of the body with a full range of services

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Program plan and details

Turkish Bath in Belek is those attractions that enjoy a great reputation among locals and tourists.

It dates back to many years ago. In fact, history is relocated to 800 BC and the city of ancient Rome. At that time the bath was not only used for cleaning the body, but also a place for recreation and entertainment.

This place of the period was categorized in the entrance section of the slaves, and in addition, had a steam room and a hot swimming pool and a cold water pool. In the Byzantine Empire period in eastern Rome, the culture of use of Roman Baths continued to The Ottoman emperors of Turkish hammam made changes in the styles of cracks, and leaving the bath called the Turk began to use this Hamam style.

Turkish hammam in Belek

In the Ottoman period, in all parts of Istanbul, baths were constructed with domed ceilings. Some days, we're only usable by the ladies each week. One of the reasons why this type of Hamam's in Turkey was so popular was due to Islamic religious and religious beliefs and the importance of grooming in Islamic culture. It may be because, despite the passage of long years, the Turkey bath is part of the non-culture of the people of Turkey and all the trips that travel to Turkey are also willing to use Turkish baths and one of the best attractions of Turkey is considered.


A type of towel with large stripes or colored towels that are of a mixture of silk and cotton, pure cotton, or even pure silk (something like our own lame but with the best fibers). These towels are wrapped throughout the body and are marginal in both hands. After people are naked in the shower, wear your body with a towel from underbust up to buttocks with this towel (Pestemal).

Nalin Takuya:

Takuya a type of sandalwood that is intended to protect the foot from the soap and water. So it is very thick. They are designed from wood and in varied shapes and used in bathrooms.


Kese a particular woven fabric in order to rub dead skin cells. In a hot bath, the skin is stimulated and the time is easily your skin the youth without the use of any chemical material.


Tas Turkish word is used for a kind of bowl which is usually to shed water gently on the whole body. The bowls are made of metal with fluted decorations and inlaid. Tas is made of silver, copper, or brass.


A towel is very large, so it is used to dry the whole body. It is used for drying 3 different towels. One to cover the shoulders, one to cover the hairs like a scarf and one for the waist.

Belek-tours company today has been preparing for you for the Turkish Hamam in Belek to help you with ones after 11 months of work and exhaustion in this relaxed place your soul and body, it does not matter you are in which hotel's in Belek it's just enough to fill the reservation form of Hammam Turkey for free in our website, and we will be able to provide with your service hours and all the details after contacting our experts. Turkish bath (Hamam) is available in every hour, and just enough to give us your date and time so that we will provide you with the best and most luxurious Hamams with strong health to your dear friends.

Belek hamam, what procedures are there

  • First, you will be taken to the nearest hotel by a v.i.p car and reach to the closest bath of your hotel, after getting ready you will go to the dry sauna, and in this place, you have a chance to relax your muscles, and with the breathing of eucalyptus aroma, you will get a certain peace.
  •  then You will go to the steam room, but this time you will feel with a moisture-filled with eucalyptus and a feeling of calm and refreshment in your own after by a professional massager will get peeling and you will get your new skin with losing the old layer and After this, there is a turn for a foam massage and you will find a new life with each and every time you have a fresh.
  • next is a full body massage with a special oil, which is done by a strong and professional massager to the exact 25-minutes period, and all your body Will open so that you will feel the blood circulation in your vessel.
  • after the massage finishes, you will go to relax room and you will get a face mask scrap and you will relax a long time, at this time-honed will have a high peace of mind that does not limit and At the same time you will use aromatic drinks and a real taste of the Turkey tea and then you will get your suits and you will return to your hotels.

After Hamam, you can check out the Water park in Belek so you can have fun with your family and enjoy the heat of the sun and water activities.

The length of the Belek Turkish bath (Hamam) from transfer until getting back to your hotel it takes two and a half hour and you can ask this unparalleled and relaxing tour with the lowest price from us. You will feel relaxed and fresh born in a Hamam so that all your nervous systems are calmed down and the blood in your reflow, we suggest you to choose Turkish Hamam in Belek on the first day's of your holiday so that your skin is ready for the sunbathing and your soul will also be ready for a happy and unforgettable holiday. We also have separate Belek Hamams and women who want to be more comfortable can use our feminine Hamams and also there are the same options for men.

So book our tour free on our website and pay for it when you join the program.

Hamam in Bogazkent

Hamam in Bogazkent - Belek - Turkish Bath - will make you feel like a real Sultan. Traditional Turkish hammam will satisfy even the most exquisite tastes of the inhabitants, whether it is a deep-cleaning peeling, foam massage of downed olive oil or massage with natural oils. The luxurious interior, paved with marble, will complement the fullness of sensations.

Turkish bath in Kadriye

Turkish bath in Kadriye - Belek. Do you want to feel the color of Turkey to the fullest? Then be sure to visit the Turkish hammam. Warmed, humid air saturated with the aroma of herbal tea and essential oils. Experienced specialists will help you to choose procedures aimed at relaxing the whole body, but special attention should be paid to massage with thick foam.

Oriental Spa in Serik

Oriental Spa in Serik - Belek. Caring for one's body can be compared to science, whose knowledge has been passed down through generations for centuries. Consistent performance of all procedures, warm moist air, soaked in the aroma of citrus, eucalyptus or flowers brings tremendous benefit to the body. A traditional interior and sturdy herbal tea will help to relax.

Turkish Bath Belek price list

How Many Age Range Price
1 person  Adult 20€
1 person  Children (7-12) 15€

Turkish Bath Belek Benefits

Hammam in Antalya Belek is an private trip to a real oriental hamam where there will be a minimum of guests. All the attention of the masseurs and staff will be given to you. Spa centrum in Belek is one of the best and newest in the region.

Turkish Bath Belek Tour Details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:00 - 18:00
IncludesTransfer, full hammam services, insurance, Turkish tea, towels
ExcludesAdditional services

Turkish Bath Belek Tour content

  • transfer from the hotel to hammam in Belek will be in a comfortable car with air conditioning
  • arrival in hammam, preparation for procedures
  • sauna expands the capillaries on the skin, increases metabolism, warms the body from the inside
  • steam room which prepare the body for cleansing, warm up the skin and open skin pores
  • visiting the salt room is good for breathing, imitates speleotherapy, strengthens the health and vitality of the skin
  • deep cleansing exfoliation with a cotton kese mitt and a foam massage with olive oil and on natural ingredients - 20 minutes
  • body massage using premium aroma oils on a natural basis - 20 minutes
  • face mask based on natural healing clay
  • time for relax with a cup of turkish tea
  • swim and rest in the outdoor pool
  • all time working for you children's mini club where you can leave children under the supervision of professional staff
  • return transfer to the hotel in a comfortable air-conditioned car

  • Who can not go to the turkish bath: which are dominated by rather high temperatures, so people with cardiovascular diseases, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis and epilepsy should visit such establishments with caution. Pregnant women should visit a Turkish bath after consulting a doctor beforehand.

  • Turkish hamam will not only give an unforgettable experience of bathing, but also an excellent opportunity to get relaxing massages, wraps, face and body masks. There is also the opportunity to drink tea in pleasant company or take advantage of other facilities of the establishment, since many hammams have swimming pools and jacuzzis.

  • To Hammam can take care of providing its clients with everything they need, however clients should bring their own towels, bathing supplies and rubber slippers. In the hamam, it is also customary to move around in a special cape that covers the body, you can also take it with you or get it on the spot in the hamam.

  • Turkish Bath has an extremely negative attitude towards drinking alcohol in the bath or loud conversations and fights. In the hamam, you should behave quietly and modestly, without disturbing the rest of the rest of the guests.

  • Turkish Bath offers a special ablution technique, with which our clients skin will shine with purity. The first step is to perform preliminary steaming, then you can get a peeling with a special “kese” mitten and then you can proceed to a relaxing foam massage.