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Excursions in Belek in October

Excursions in Belek in October - leisurely rest in a comfortable environment

Excursions in Belek in October

Excursions in Belek in October

October is an ideal month for a holiday on the southern coast of Turkey, the very period of time when summer has not yet surrendered its positions, but the fresh breath of autumn is already felt in the mornings and evenings. The velvet season is in full swing in Belek. There are fewer and fewer tourists every day. The exhausting heat, from which one cannot escape even at night, was replaced by a comfortable warmth when the thermometer no longer rises above +30 during the day and +20 at night. The water in the Mediterranean Sea is warmed up to + 25C, and the amount of precipitation is minimal, rarely when there can be a short rain, or a small downpour. You can still swim, sunbathe, calmly walk around the city, enjoying the beautiful landscapes or go on excursions in Belek, in October their assortment is also diverse. Due to the favorable weather and sufficient 12-hour daylight hours, you can give preference to the most remote natural and historical sights, or go on a trip with small children.

Excursions in Belek in October: popular destinations

To Cappadocia for 2 or 3 days - acquaintance with the amazing alien landscape, the creation of nature itself and the hands of man. This can hardly be found anywhere else. Canyons, valleys of stone forests, multi-colored rocks, in which the oldest churches, monasteries and, of course, huge underground cities are carved!

Demre-Myra-Kekova from Belek - this tour will allow you to see what remains of the most ancient and powerful state - Lycia. The ancient theater, the ruins of buildings and fortresses, the Lycian rock tombs and, most importantly, the temple, which houses the sarcophagus of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Pamukkale is a visiting card of the Turkish Republic and a real must-have for any traveler. However, if in the high season there is nowhere for an apple to fall, then at this time of the year you can not only enjoy the beauty of the cotton castle, plunge into its healing springs, but also take many bright and beautiful photographs, in which there will be no stranger.

A family visit to the Antalya Oceanarium, which houses almost all representatives of the world's oceans. Stingrays, moray eels, piranhas, sharks and all kinds of colorful tropical fish. The pearl of the aquarium is the longest tunnel in Europe, located under the water column and allowing you to make a real walk on the seabed.

Fans of active and extreme recreation, as well as beautiful views of the pristine nature, can pay attention to such excursions in Belek in October as quad, jeep and buggy safaris, trips on mountainous terrain will not leave anyone indifferent.